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The weather is finally turning here in Southern California, making me don my really unattractive (and old) Pooh Bear thermal PJ’s and my wooly socks. It also puts me in the mood for things like soup.

So as we made our Sunday grocery list this morning, I casually tweeted that I needed soup suggestions and was immediately OVERWHELMED with recipe responses. I’ve compiled them here for all your warm, fuzzy, soupy needs.

Gregg sent over a Bloody Mary soup that sounds really good. Yes, it has vodka.

Loralee suggested Beguine Cream soup to which she adds extra salt and pepper. I don’t even know what beguine is…but it sounds good.

Lindsay says her friend just tried this Chunky Taco Soup and she plans to try it soon. And has also heard this Cheese and Ale soup is ‘killer.’

Casey suggested Pioneer Woman’s cauliflower soup and BFMom’s Mulligatawny.

Kelli wants me to try her favorite Peruvian Chicken Soup. It has ENTIRE hardboiled eggs in it. No, really.

Deborah has a Ginger Curry Pumpkin soup that sounds like something I would love.

And Jennifer gave me THREE recipes she says are ALL amazing: Winter Vegetable, Squash and White Bean soup (which Sheila says I should serve in hallowed out squash), and Black Bean Pumpkin soup.

Thank you EVERYONE for all the great recipes. This blog post and all the responses wore me out so much that we ended up getting canned tomato soup and grilled cheese. However NEXT time I’m in a soup mood, I’m pulling from this warm, fuzzy, snuggle me into happy tummy land list!

*this post is dedicated to Denise, who loves soup as much as I love spreadsheets.


  1. Yes, I agree the pumpkin curry sounds up my alley, or maybe the squash. We did a cauliflower/potato/carrot curry last night that’s going to feed us the rest of the weekend, craving tumeric!

  2. Mmmmmm. Soup.

    Forgot to add a couple important tweaks to the squash/white bean recipe I gave you: It’s a vegetarian recipe as is. I substitute chicken broth for the water, add orzo to make it a little more substantial, and have also thrown in some smoked turkey sausage to make it really filling. YUM!

  3. Yuk.

  4. Pea soup sounds good right about now.

  5. MAKE the Cheese and Ale Soup. It should be VERY close to Grizzly Peak’s Cheddar Ale Soup here in Ann Arbor! I could eat that soup (and drink their Seel Head Red) by the gallon!

  6. OK, I was REALLY bummed that the bloody mary soup link doesn’t seem to be working now (took me to a unilever main page) – because I HAD to know what was in that!!!! 😉


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