Nudists. It’s Not Just a Lifestyle.

I like to lay in bed with my children and just talk. We talk about the day, we talk about their lives…but mostly I answer questions. Millions upon millions of questions from budding brains that seem to have no end.

What was it like when you were a kid?

How old was Nana when you were a baby?

Why does that caterpillar have green spots when the book showed red spots?

Do some people live naked?

Yeah. That one made me stop and think before opening my mouth too.

Well honey, there are people who do live naked. They are called nudists.

Yes they walk naked. Yes they eat naked. Yes they sleep naked.

Well there is nothing wrong with being naked.

Well we cover our private parts because they are personal (I know…shut up)

Well I am not sure why its against the law to be naked if it’s nothing to be ashamed of

Well honey some people believe it’s ok and others don’t

Yes, just like Santa and the Space Ghost guy* and the other people who vote

Why do you think naked is silly? What so silly about your body?

And this went on and on and on until I really didn’t know what else to say.

They are asking so many questions lately that I find myself fumbling constantly for answers. CONSTANTLY. I don’t REMEMBER the answers to simple life-science stuff I should totally know off hand. Cells? Organisms? Microbes? I really keep forgetting my history too. Oh well there once was a big war in our country and people from the North and South fought…in um…lots of places.

And I certainly wasn’t prepped or ready to tackle nudists. Why I even went down that road is beyond me but once I did…the train wasn’t stopping. The kids were fascinated that people would play volleyball naked. Now, don’t ask me WHY I told them nudists played a lot of volleyball. I just did. Because I probably saw it on a bad movie once or something. I have NO IDEA it just CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH. I don’t even think my kids know what volleyball is…anyway, doesn’t matter. What matters is… I know nothing. And my children are proving to me every day I should have stayed in school longer and maybe hung around more nudists.

*my son calls God/Jesus ‘that space ghost guy’ ….yeah I know. Go ahead and yell at me.


  1. this made me smile. i’m going to start referring to God and Jesus as “That Space Ghost Guy.” might even start my own religion around it.

  2. Well this is the kid who also coined the terms ‘shockulated’ and ‘lavacute’ …

  3. So why DO nudists play a lot of volleyball?

  4. I certainly hadn’t thought about having a conversation about nudists… that is pretty funny.

  5. Your son is my hero.

  6. This is so great! I feel totally affirmed:-). I feel like I know nothing sometimes–actually too many times. Sometimes I wonder if I really was ever present in school? Hmmm. Thanks for sharing such a great post and helping us moms in the world feel less intellectually challenged:-) LOL

  7. hilarious!! I’m glad you have an eye for the amusing among the specks of life

  8. And visons of nae-nae volleyball players danced through her head… scary.

  9. Heh. Great post. 😀

    Um, I’m gonna guess they play volleyball cuz they’re already hanging out someplace warm & no “special equipment” or padding is needed to play?

  10. The Space Ghost Guy.

    Well now that is what I call him too.

    (I’ve loved that child since before he was born. I’m so glad he turned out to be so awesome.)

  11. So this is what I have to look forward to? My kids are too young to ask questions like that.

    I think Americans are uptight about nudity. I have a grip of relatives from Norway & Sweden…and they actually have public nude beaches over there. There is nudity on public television & commercials. No biggie. They think we are uptight.

    I actually still walk around my house naked…my kids are all under 4 (all boys)…so don’t know how long I’m gonna do that…but I’m still doing it now….lol. I actually answered the door naked the other day…no…i’m just kidding. Had you going there for a second, huh?

  12. I am now working on the questions from a second generation.

    You say glass can cut me so why do you let me drink out of it?
    What would happen if my knees bent backwards?
    Why don’t orange lollypops have seeds?
    And on and on.

    Keep up the good work!

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