Haiti Love

Jack's Haiti Love

6-years old

Ways you can help in Haiti:

Red Cross
Global Giving


  1. How sweet and touching. I can only hope my tot will be so empathetic and aware. Must mean you are really doing a good job in that department!
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Sick day: diary of a wimpy mom =-.

  2. Dang it, Jack. Your drawing made my eyes all dusty.

  3. That is so sweet and touching. Amazing the empathy kids have sometimes, isn’t it?

  4. Love how you included his drawing with the ways to help. Jack and Hala are two bad *ss kids with good hearts. Hmmm I wonder who they take after. *cough* YOU *cough*

    .-= Mona Nomura´s last blog ..Mona: @benhuh @shaunacausey – count me in, too. =-.

  5. So sweet.

  6. This is so wonderful! Please also consider supporting this grassroots all-volunteer medical nonprofit on the ground now in Haiti: Friends of the Children of Haiti. Even $10 helps. http://www.fotcoh.org

  7. What a wonderful sign to see that your child understands helping others–you have obviously nurtured that! It’s hard to know as a parent how much to share/show about such destruction/devastation. I’ve shown my children several search rescues as that is what my husband does. I want them to know what their dad’s job can look like at times and be proud. However, I don’t want to show too much bringing fear to them. Hopefully, I’ve done the right amount.

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet note from your son!

  8. This is such a sweet note! I hope everyone would be so helpful to the victims of Haiti. They badly need our help.

  9. I love that you are already teaching your sweet boy so much about the world. He sees that others are less fortunate than he is. He sees that mom cares about the world beyond just him (really valuable, that one), he sees that the world goes far beyond his town or city and he learns that what hurts one of us (or 200,000 of us) hurts us all. He’s lucky and so are you. And smart. Hey, he’s also a good artist! 🙂 I love that so many parents are finding a way to use Haiti as a teachable event, rather than shielding their children from the harsh and tragic reality.
    .-= Debby Carroll´s last blog ..Family Game Night is a Myth, like Unicorns =-.


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