The Unexpected

I’m not a fan of the unexpected. It stalks me. Always looming overhead.

I like control. I like knowledge. I like familiar situations.

Despite my fears though, the unexpected is sometimes wonderful. Instead of fear, I find friends. But most of all, the unexpected can ground me. It weeds through the chaos to cut to what matters quickly and efficiently.

Time to take my new found love of cows and head back to the hospital. More soon.



  1. We’re here for you. Moo.

  2. Thanks Lauren. Love the moo ­čśë

  3. Sending you good thoughts.
    Here is a cow story to make you laugh. My father thought it would be a great lesson teacher to buy me a cow then have it slaughter and I could sell the meat and I would get the money. I was like 9. I cried about the slaughter part and my Daddy didn’t make me. So I had a cow till I was in college then it died of old age and I made him bury it.It required a tractor, a bulldozer, and a backhoe.
    .-= Mandi Bone┬┤s last blog ..Judged =-.


  5. Mooo!

  6. MOOOO right on back. I swear, moo is the new happy sound

  7. I raised an organ calf I named Annie & a lamb named Chester. Currently on my parents farm we have Ann & Martin creating havoic. The Ark Kids loved their cow cycle poop ­čÖü Here’s Ann & Martin. Really, you can’t help but love them
    .-= Sprite┬┤s last blog ..This is what I love … =-.

  8. If I read what I wrote before I hit “send” you would know it was an orphan calf. But I’m sure it had some organs. *blinks*
    .-= Sprite┬┤s last blog ..This is what I love … =-.

  9. Moo. Moo. Moo. Sending lots of love Erin.

  10. If I lived closer you know I’d be there to help you through this. Love you so much!

  11. I love that you now love cows. I should’ve sent you one of those.
    .-= Rita Arens┬┤s last blog ..In My Mind, We Always Had a Leather Couch =-.

  12. Moooooooo. Thinking of youuuu today.
    .-= Sara Lacey┬┤s last blog ..News & Rants: Hot or Not: Keeping Kids Busy With the iPad =-.

  13. Lettergirl says:

    Moos to you, prayers to heaven. May it go well.

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