The Virginia Attorney General Can’t Handle a Little Boob

While listening to some music at our house over the weekend my son caught a glimpse of Sade’s left boob. It was a beautiful photo scrolling by on our tv with the singer floating in a pool of water.

My 7-year old’s eyes darted at me and he grinned, he giggled, then he went about his day after we had a brief discussion about body parts and why they are neither funny nor anything to be ashamed of.

Seems Virginia’s Attorney General doesn’t feel the same way:

Virginia’s attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is hard at work on the important issues of the day — like making sure the Roman goddess depicted on his state’s official seal isn’t exposing herself.

The current seal shows “Virtus, the goddess of virtue, dressed as a warrior,” with her foot resting “on the chest of the figure of tyranny, who is lying on the ground.” She is holding a spear and her left breast is exposed.

Or at least it was exposed. At a recent meeting, Cuccinelli provided pins to his staff with a new seal on which “Virtus’ bosom is covered by an armored breastplate,” the Virginian-Pilot reported. These new pins were not paid for by taxpayer dollars, Cuccinelli’s office insisted.

Rather ironically, my daughter mentioned breasts at our house this weekend as well. She was getting a temporary tattoo applied and mistakenly asked for it to be placed next to her brown “nipple” – when she meant to say “freckle.” Of course we all giggled and then she asked “But Mommy, why are nipples funny?”

I explained it was a silly sounding word, and that actual nipples were amazing and mine helped to feed her and her brother for nearly 4 years total.

“Cool” said my son.

“Cool” said my daughter.

Too bad they don’t think breasts and all they entail are so “cool” in Virginia. Instead the message is to be ashamed, be very ashamed and for heaven’s sake cover up!

Not cool.


  1. I think Mr. Cuccinelli may have missed the Boobquake last week. Also? He’s probably just bitter about having a name with “coochie” in it.

  2. Perhaps the man is afraid of the power of a badass woman stomping out tyranny, and he thinks the boob is his weakness.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Why no one talks about depression =-.

  3. It didn’t even has some big ol’ nipple on it or anything. Just silliness

  4. Honestly! Give me a break….makes me want to run down to Virginia and flash the man with my saggy-from-breastfeeding boobs!

  5. I always wonder about guys that get that upset by breasts. Something about it just doesn’t seem right when a dude gets that worked up over a boob.
    .-= T1theinfamous´s last blog ..Oil and Water =-.

  6. Yeah…so proud of our attorney general here in VA. He’s been doing such great things for our state . This is just another thing that makes it seem like we are stepping backward in some sort of time warp…

  7. Gah! Erin, you know Cooch doesn’t represent the whole state. I’m ready to stage a boob in in front of his office in Richmond. It’s usually the boob on the right that you’ve got to watch out for! (-;
    .-= Lawyer Mama´s last blog ..Hollis Can Ride a Bike! =-.

  8. See it’s always my left boob that’s the trouble maker 😉

  9. Thanks, Erin, for keeping us abreast of this important legal matter.

    Sorry…sort of.
    .-= Mark Daniels´s last blog ..Roman: It’s Time to Pay the Piper =-.

  10. Ken Cucchinelli IS a boob. And a much big one than those on Virtue.

    As one of 828 thousand odd Virginians who voted against him, I am appalled to think that he and Mr “Confederate History Month” McDonnell represent Virginia to the rest of the nation.


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