Ring Ring

My phone rang today…not unlike any other day….

Is this the woman that was on CNN?

I just want you to know you are a babykiller! Lady you are nothing but an unamerican babykiller! You are going to hell and you are nothing but a no good babykiller!

Why was this man so angry? Today I helped CNN commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pill.

“Giving women control over reproduction means giving them control over their own fate. I am a wife, a blogger, a mother — when I want, how I want, and with the freedom to remain sexual. The pill means I can have it all, and sacrifice nothing. It has taken the dream of my Mother’s generation — that of “Superwoman” — and turned it into my reality.”

So to even things out, I also helped Woman’s Day talk dinners. You know, since we women clearly need to stay in the kitchen.



  1. I think he must have missed that human biology lesson where babies don’t happen until after fertilization. You can’t kill something that doesn’t exist. He missed the part where you mentioned your beautiful [living] children, too.

    And un-American? Perhaps he’s missed how big this whole birth control thing has gotten, because a majority of Americans are using it!

    Ignorance. Wow.
    .-= Christina Gleason @ Cutest Kid Ever´s last blog ..Mommy Bloggers: Today’s Women Interview on WNYT =-.

  2. During the primaries I volunteered for a candidate much more conservative than myself but still considered “too liberal” in much of the area that I live. After a friend had an experience with a voter who shouted at him obscenities (including the n word) about the Democratic candidates I wasn’t thrilled to speak to people, so when no one answered the phone would be passed to be and I would leave the (pre-written) message on their machine. As I was leaving my (very friendly) message I suddenly heard the phone click and a woman started yelling at me “That man kills babies! He’s an evil man and I wil not be voting for him!” I was too shocked to say anything at the time and hung about on the woman.

    No doubt she voted for one of the candidates (Romney got about 31% of my county’s Republican primary votes, McCain got 22%, and Huckabee 11%, my guy crashed and burned in Florida, I’m sure you can guess who it was) but she really did upset me. There is no reason anyone (no matter the issue or the position) should be yelling at people like that.
    .-= Kristina´s last blog ..kklausser: @heyitsf 🙁 I saw pictures of fish, turtles and jellyfish off the coast and it was really sad (and I hate jellyfish so that means something) =-.

  3. It’s funny…my father is a super conservative republican…except where his family is concerned. Then whatever makes them happy is what is best. My father would never be for abortion…unless it would save my life. He would never be for birth control….unless it would help someone in his family (like my niece who is mentally ill). I cannot understand people who deal in absolutes (but I and my husband are die hard liberals and I just explained how my Dad is regarding family so everyone else is bat shit crazy). There is an exception to every rule and we need to make it easier, not harder for those of us who are struggling to get by.

  4. You know what… that guy sounds like a pill.
    .-= Louis Gray´s last blog ..Scout Labs Acquired By Lithium to Combine Social, CRM =-.

  5. It gets better:

    “Date: May 8, 2010 7:40:13 AM PDT
    To: erin.kotecki.vest@blogher.com
    Subject: The pills

    Dear Erin Kotecki-Vest,

    I read your piece on CNN.com and I think I know why you are not in God’s favor. HE will take your woman parts because you do NOT obey HIM. You deserve to have much pain in your surgery and to know HIS will.

    I pray for you


  6. I’ve been giggling at Louis comment ever since I read it.

    I am 6 years old….
    .-= George G Smith Jr´s last blog ..Finding Balance =-.

  7. lol George I’m 6 too. I’ve been giggling and giggling. We are SO MATURE

  8. Hey – we might be immature, but at least we don’t prank call people with verbal threats….
    .-= George G Smith Jr´s last blog ..Finding Balance =-.

  9. Seriously? There are people in AMERICA who get this riled up over THE PILL? Really? I am actually stunned by this.

  10. “HE will take your woman parts…” Of course he will. What doctor doesn’t think he’s God? ; )

  11. Sex in the kitchen is liberating.
    Dude needs to get a life.
    .-= Kim @ Beautiful Wreck´s last blog ..Soaking it all in =-.

  12. The pill has been my BFF for years, lol!
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..Even I Dont Understand Myself Sometimes =-.

  13. oh good christ.

    “HE will take your woman parts…”

    please tell me you have a female doctor… so that SG can shut the fuck up.

  14. Eh, who cares about these assholes?

    What interests me is that you see the dream of our mother’s generation as being superwoman…

    Here’s another view of desperate housewifery for you:

    30 years ago a friend of mine raised her kids with a group of other women…they all had horses and traded off… one day each week one of them would take all the kids and the rest of them would go riding. They had academic husbands and most of them had PhDs that they had put aside for their families… but oh well. Their husbands were in political hell with their jobs, all that publish or perish crap and all the stupid petty shit that goes on in academic depts. Meanwhile the wives were all out riding their HORSES and discussing their intellectual interests all day. OUTSIDE!!

    Yeah, they were all on the pill, too, and used this to keep their family size to 2 instead of 4 or 6, so they would have more money to send their kids to better schools, and could afford nicer houses… on their academic husband’s salaries… and could also afford their horses and such.

    But apparently these women were unfulfilled and not super enough. Ditto for my mom and all her friends… art and English majors, who used to lie by the lake having these fantastic discussions, while the kids would have athletic, unstructured summers…

    But then along came the whole superwoman and self-fulfillment trip, and stress and rush and yelling and am I fat and for the kids, structure, structure, structure…. woohoo, aren’t we better off now…

    We could have held out for the pill, happy, active kids, horses, the lake…. but no… we have to have CUBICLES, sedentary kids, iphones…

    Not MY mother’s dream, but you go, girl… :\
    .-= Claudia Putnam´s last blog ..In Honor =-.

  15. These people are real pieces of work…..thanks a lot, God!!
    .-= Roshni´s last blog ..Pray for me =-.

  16. Nic—yes, my doctor is a woman. 😉

  17. Your Superwomanness impresses & inspires me. ;D
    .-= Al_Pal´s last blog ..Sensitivity: I have it. =-.


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