No Place Like Home…

127lbs with a distended stomach = not sexy.
Spending Mother’s Day writhing in pain because your insides are infected and on fire = no fun.
Having the whole world take care of your family = priceless.

As I recover from my hospital stay, I want to extend my personal thanks to all of you who have made this tough time so much better. To those of you who’ve been there in spirit, in meals, and in hugs I really can’t thank you enough.

I’m home, doing well, and ready to recharge my body to get back to doing what it is I do…but I couldn’t have done it without you all. You helped me to worry less about the kids and Aaron knowing they were being taken care of, you kept me company at my bedside, you reminded me why I do what I do every day.

And if anyone dares question the word “community” …send them to me, so I can punch them in the nuts.

My Mothers Day in the hospital

A special thank you to Megan, who coordinated meals for my family. And who, I think, also kept my husband from losing his shit 🙂


  1. Wishing you a smooth and quick recovery E!! xoxo
    .-= Boston Mamas´s last blog ..Mommies Who Shop! =-.

  2. As a far away person up here in Canada about all I could do was wring my hands and feel bad for you and then think up really dumb jokes that probably made your poor swollen innards hurt even more. Lotta good that did. Glad you are home now. Hope do-over mother’s day is better than the first one.
    .-= habanerogal´s last blog ..A Quickie Quitting Update =-.

  3. oh but I loved the jokes 😉

  4. kayhaswings says:

    Glad to hear you’re home and on the mend. We love you!

  5. Love to you, Erin.
    .-= Julie @ The Mom Slant´s last blog ..I can’t even imagine =-.

  6. So glad you’re back home and recovering. Feel better!
    .-= Average Jane´s last blog ..Average Jane Is Tempted To Buy Something =-.

  7. Love you Mama. Really glad you’re home. xoxo
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..karensugarpants: Poker night partay!! Woot woot! =-.

  8. Been rooting for all of you— this outcome and those smiles don’t surprise me in the least. Here’s to the next group shot including Aaron and featuring non-hospital issue garb 🙂
    .-= amanda´s last blog ..Work with what you’ve got =-.

  9. Editdebs says:

    So glad you’re home–where your heart and body belong!

  10. Really glad to hear you’re on the mend–and double pleased that you have people around you who care so much about you and your family.
    .-= Gwynne´s last blog ..A Few Things on the New Paperwork Reduction Act Guidance =-.

  11. Somehow in my narcissistic stupor, I missed you were in the hospital. Hope you heal quickly and painlessly!
    .-= Lara´s last blog ..the sprint =-.

  12. So glad you and your distended tummy are back home.
    .-= patois´s last blog ..I Know it When I See it =-.

  13. Glad you are home! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    .-= Sommer´s last blog ..Color Yourself Happy =-.

  14. I hope you’re feeling better. I tried like hell to find the fried chicken vending machine in Tulsa International Airport so I could send you a picture. Alas, it must not have been in the Southwest terminal.
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Anonymity and Me =-.

  15. So glad you’re home!
    .-= maggie, dammit´s last blog ..Megaphone. =-.

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