Sometimes A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Spring, Summer 2010 – aka the Year of Doom. Every incision.

Count the incisions

Artwork by Aaron Vest


  1. OOH! I have four of those too!
    oh, is that not what we were playing?

  2. Quick! draw them!

  3. Guess I’m tied with Moosh, but you still win. Yay?

    Btw, if that’s really your silhouette,

  4. I’ve only got two. Does that mean I lose ?

  5. Mine’s an upside-down T (with a detour around the bellybutton). They went over the same scar once.

    You know what though? It’s kept you WITH US, and therefore, is beautiful. Every slice, scar, etc.

  6. I’m thinking of tattoos …

  7. I told you how I want to do a choo choo train up my scar – like the little train that could! I’m putting it off right now in case they dive in again.

    My version of my scars – I morphed the silhouette a bit to fit my zaftigness!

  8. The side ones look like they could be lipo cuts.
    .-= Jessica Gottlieb´s last blog ..I Am Difficult =-.

  9. Ooh tattoos! I wanted to get one over the one right under my boobs from the galbladder surgery. If you do get one, I’ve got a GREAT GREAT GREAT guy up in Berkeley that you should go to <3
    .-= @linzlovesyou´s last blog ..I need a band-aid! =-.

  10. Scars or not, I think it’s sexy. You know why? YOU ARE STILL ALIVE.
    .-= Lynette´s last blog ..High heels make a gal feel great =-.

  11. Elective surgery .. now there’s a concept.

  12. Love it! I am also tied with Moosh for this year. I do have one more though a smile along my bikini line. Horrible the things we have to through. Now to think of a good tattoo to tie them all together LOL.

    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Please Do Not Forgo Your Colonoscopy =-.

  13. @Cat

    Tried to comment on your blog, but I couldn’t log in/register.

    Cat- I’m here via Erin’s blog. I posted something similar today on Twitter – today I got the path report from my latest colonoscopy and found they’d removed precancerous polyps from me, too. Regular ‘scopes save lives, plain & simple.

    I may not have to have more of them, because they may be removing my colon due to diverticulitis – they’ve already taken 2 feet of it. But if they don’t, I’ll be sure to get them regularly. We have colon issues in my family, I’d be foolish not to.

    BTW, w/ food allergies? Get yourself an epi-pen. Those tinglings are often precursors to bigger reactions. I started that way with walnuts and bananas – last time I ate walnuts, I ended up in the ER. apparently your body builds up the anti-bodies until they hit a tipping point with allergies.

  14. I am with everyone who said it has kept you with us. I hope this ends it all for you and you can concentrate on getting healthy again. <3

  15. We don’t quite match. My gall bladder scars go higher, and I don’t have that adorable Y over my navel. I do, however, have a nice long hip-to-hip bikini-line keloid from previous surgeries reused for my sections. They are battle scars. Wear them with pride.

  16. Hmm, gotta count: K, it’s 6 for my torso. But I beat you with purple stretch marks that never fade from Cortisone. 😛

  17. And, @Jessica, totally right. When I was really sick and down to 90 pounds from similar symptoms as Erin, I looked HOT. Like Auschwitz sexy hot.

    Screw lipo or dieting, just lose part or all you colon and you can laugh at others. My cholesterol is 130, and I eat sticks of butter.

  18. lol Jeremy. Yes, I’m tired of the ‘wow you’re skinny! how’d you do it!’ comments. Well, I nearly died. I’m also still, nearly dying. Want to sign up for my weight loss plan? It can be a new reality show hit!

  19. because just think of it.. if I do lose my kidneys and my liver that’s another good 5lbs at least. … totally worth dying for …. #not

  20. They can take whatever they want in your midsection, but keep your heart, brain, thumbs and sharp tongue, and you’ll be good.

    And, for the record… my many scars are not nearly as interesting or dramatic, nor is my body shape as appealing. 🙂
    .-= Louis Gray´s last blog ..my6sense Extends Stream Personalization to Android =-.

  21. lol thanks Louis. Aaron seems fond of my hips 😉

  22. I can’t wait until the post 30 years from now when he delicately pencils in the lines on your face from a life well lived.

    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Everyone and No One =-.

  23. you *could* get that into a great looking tattoo!

  24. LOL, I expect any day to see that Aaron will have drawn you as a tough video game character! @Queenofspain & house of representatives…err temple of doom” 🙂
    .-= geekbabe´s last blog ..Learning takes time =-.

  25. They’re battle scars to show your strength and that you’re a warrior. You’re like She-ra.
    .-= Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)´s last blog ..How I Survived A Plane Trip With Kids =-.

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