Name It, Change It … and Me

*I’m not really the President of BlogHer … but I’m guessing you guys get the joke


  1. Love this! (Can I come for coffee too?)

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  3. I’m going to pretend I’m not looking at my thinning hair. Sigh. Stupid Lupus.

  4. Great project! You were terrific in the clip. How do those guys keep a straight face?

    Did you read the great article in Atlantic Monthly’s Jul/Aug issue “The End of Men”? Its an interesting take on how women have gained power with strides in pay equality coupled by a failing economy. The majority of working women have gone white-collar, and the tailspin of manufacturing has hit men the hardest. The author quotes Bureau of Labor statistics showing that women now hold 51.4 percent of all managerial jobs.

    To me, the saddest part of the gender backlash against female candidates is that a good part of it comes from women themselves. Its disheartening to realize we still have a lot of work to do within our own gender to educate women on the ways they demean one another by focusing on things like looks, clothes and weight rather than by capability, intelligence and acomplishments.
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  5. Ok maybe I am just out of the loop. Was this ment to be satire like The Onion or are they serious?

  6. LOL,I’m guessing here that these guys are just being wise arses? LOL they couldn’t keep straight faces at the insane stuff they were saying.
    Great job Erin!
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  7. That was hilarious!!! You were frickin’ awesome!!!

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