All He Needs Is A Cape

Last night I told my son he was my hero.

My boys

We cuddled in his bed after a long day, and very quietly he asked me a question that stopped my heart.

Mom, why am I different from the other kids at school?

We talked about how amazing he is, and how smart and wonderful. We talked about how well he is doing in school, and his many, many friends.

We talked about how everyone says he’s brilliant, and bright… and how well he handles himself. How he’s a leader, and so very sensitive and caring.

And then I told him he was my hero, and he smiled like I have never seen him smile before.

This morning as we walked into school he stopped on the stairs before entering his classroom. He grabbed my shirt, which happens to say ‘I love Jack,’ and grinned that huge grin again.

It’s great being different, because I get you.

Can you take me all the way into class? I want everyone to see your shirt. Because I’m a hero.


  1. šŸ™‚
    .-= schmutzieĀ“s last blog ..My Smart History- Pluto- Plato- and a Word Misheard =-.

  2. Awww hon that is soooo sweet.

    .-= CatĀ“s last blog ..Pilot FriXon Erasable Highlighter =-.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Holy smokes, he is amazing.

  4. Thank you. I’m very proud of him.

  5. *wiping away tears* – if you tweet those concerns from earlier today again, I’m going to direct you to this post. He is amazing and you are a huge part of why that’s true!

  6. A bona fide genius that one. This makes me proud and tingly. He’s going to change the world someday, you know that right?

  7. I have a six year-old Jack of my own. And he has some of his own issues and also wonders why he’s different from his friends.

    And I also have that shirt. Because I love him so.

    Big hugs to your Jack from me.

  8. I sure do Jess. I sure do.

  9. And you are a hero yourself for making him know it!

  10. That’s awesome šŸ™‚

  11. What a lovely post to read before going to bed. Thank you, and thank you Jack.

  12. Dangit Erin…quit making me cry. It’s ruining my mascara.

    FWIW: You are ALL FOUR my heroes.

    .-= Jen WojcikĀ“s last blog ..What Marketers Can Learn From GASP Trolls =-.

  13. Jill@charmedimsure says:

    I knew it!! I have my own Jack, who such good care of me when I was so sick yesterday. I told him how much I appreciated his help. I hope I said it, and say it enough. Damn you for making me cry!

  14. It’s so awesome that he can be your hero…and know it. It’s what I tell my kids, too.

  15. Different is awesome. I should know. I’m raising my own young superhero.

    Ordinary people rarely make history.
    .-= JaelitheĀ“s last blog ..Paying Attention =-.

  16. What a happy, lucky, proud boy to have such a loving, appreciative and understanding mother!

  17. The name on a T-Shirt can mean so much. As a third grader, I had to extricate my special needs son from the Jewish Day School to the neighborhood school in the early spring. Since kids in our district start another school in 4th grade, they have a mini-graduation ceremony. All the kids receive a souvenir T-Shirt in school colors with school logo and their names on the back. Despite my son only being there a few weeks, that saint of a principal, Mrs. Griffin, made sure the company included my son’s name with the rest of the class. It has never been worn, occupying an honored space in a middle drawer to be encased in the Alan Museum if future achievements justify this.

  18. Very sweet and a great name. šŸ˜‰
    .-= JackĀ“s last blog ..That Part of My Life is Over =-.

  19. Mmm, I love good, piercing tears that cleanse. Different indeed, thank goodness.
    .-= AmandaĀ“s last blog ..Tell Me Againā€¦ =-.

  20. Holy wow. Tears.

    Can we just go ahead and arrange a marriage for your son and my daughter?! Any boy that loves his mother like that is truly amazing. You and Aaron do an wonderful job raising your kiddos.


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