How We Roll


We all have our own quirks. Some houses tell jokes. Others have game night, movie night, what have you.

Mine fake meditates in silly hats and then we all pretend to break dance with pants on our heads in our kitchen.

Help me twitter, you're my only hope #crazyspawn

Totally normal, right?


  1. I love love love the hat
    .-= dkmissie´s last blog ..Friday all Ready !!! =-.

  2. We have one in pink and purple too. My Mom sent them from Florida!

  3. I love the peeks behind family curtains. Sounds totally normal and way more pg than ours…somehow the girls always incorporate nudity into their dancing.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Bat Signal =-.

  4. Most importantly…’s YOUR normal and that’s just fine! 😉

  5. Absolutely normal. Love it!
    .-= cartoongoddess´s last blog ..Night Visitors =-.

  6. It could be terrible music videos with crutches as a microphone….sorry, Mom, you really didn’t need that to get around, did you? I hope you’re taping the breakdancing….

  7. I have a fondness for Jack’s TIDE shirt.

    I also have a fondness for everything that makes Jack JACK. Quirks? Bring them on! He and his wonderful sister are what affirm the humanity in all of us.
    .-= Kimberli´s last blog ..Hebrew School =-.

  8. hehe. Who wants to be normal? You are different and unique, and that’s wonderful! Normal is for everyone who doesn’t dare to do their own thing 🙂

  9. I’m relieved to see another family iis part of the silent majority of people who wear undies on their heads. Have been hunting around to find a photo of my twins, when they were only 3, running around with their pants on their head. But no luck. We also like tshirts upside down on legs; one leg through each arm hole induces a funny kind of waddle. Socks on ears for … well, just because.
    BTW, I have been a fan of yours since hearing you at Blogher.. It was you right? thanks for the blogging.
    .-= julie´s last blog ..Slobby mommies unite =-.

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