I Love Mornings

My son and I have started this new routine. We wake up before anyone else, I put on a pot of coffee, pour him some cereal, and we turn on the Today Show and local news.

We talk about shootings. We talk about the weather. We talk about world wars and celebrities in rehab. We talk about the Dow and the President. We talk about what on earth that news anchor is wearing. We just talk.

He’s seven-years old and he knows more about the ‘bad guys in black’ beating Egyptian protestors than most grown Americans.

Of course I worry he’s seeing ‘too’ much. That maybe I’m exposing him to the reality of the world via the news and turning his otherwise innocent brain cold and cynical. But I don’t think so. He’s fascinated. Much like I am when I watch. Yes, some of it can be scary…but it’s life. It’s the real world. It’s what he will be dealing with if he likes it or not.

There was a time I would change the channel if the news was on and the kids were around. But now that my son and I can talk about things, at an age appropriate level and with him truly understanding…it’s different.

I also realize that I am a news junky. And I really need to weigh what *I* find overboard and what the rest of the world might find overboard. But when I am sitting on the couch, coffee in hand, sun rising over the mountains out our front window… there is no ‘overboard’… just honest discussion between two people trying to understand the world.

I find myself saying ‘I don’t know’ a lot and I find myself saying things like ‘yes, some people really are that mean’ more than I care to. But I also find myself laughing, explaining why we would celebrate someone’s 108th birthday with a photo on the tv, and making sure I pass along news to his Dad that traffic will be bad due to an over turned tanker on his route. News I MUST pass along because my son is generally concerned about his father’s punctuality. Or just really excited he gets to inform him of something he learned.

Maybe it’s a bit more simple than all this though. Maybe I’m just over- the-moon to be spending time watching and talking about the news with my son. I have a son, and he just might love news as much as his journalist Mom. Maybe. Maybe he’s seven and this too shall pass.

Either way…I love mornings.


  1. habanerogal says:

    This is such a lovely way for both of you to connect some precious mother son time \Great when a child shares your passion

  2. Besides the obvious special moments alone, I think it’s awesome that you give you son an education in the world. And if he doesn’t become a journalist or a politician, he will still be an inquisitive and informed citizen who will make good choices at the polls.

    Schools are not educating our children in the ways of the world and it’s up to the parents to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness of the global nation. As my boys, went to live with their day, they unfortunately did not get my passion (like yours) for news and politics and the human condition. I cringe to think sometime that I birthed two self-absorbed “baby-men” that don’t have not a clue about al lthat and even worse, they don’t really care.

    Children teach us what they need to be taught, and if your son truly wasn’t interested he’d be off playing legos…but I suspect though that his inquiring mind was created party by genetics and the rest by your shining example.

    Rock on Queen!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Watching the news with your son is great on so many levels. Keep up the good work.

  4. The best part? He will remember these mornings for the rest of his life.

  5. I love the age where they are little people with minds of their own trying to understand the crazy world we’re living in. I hope this isn’t a phase and it’s something you two can share until he’s grown. 🙂

  6. I bet he will remember these mornings the rest of his life, maybe even continue the ritual with his own children. Exposing children to the world, in an atmosphere like this, where they can ask questions and talk about what they see and hear, has to be better than sheltering them from every thing.

  7. Z and I listen to NPR together. I can’t tell you how big my smile gets when she asks me to turn it up so she can “hear this story.” She also thinks “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” is the funniest thing evah. Seriously. She laughs more at “WWDTM” than she does at Spongebob.

  8. I think it’s awesome that you watch the news with your kids. I watched the news with my dad as a kid and it ignited my interest in politics and the media, which is pretty much what I do now. Did it make me cynical or bitter? No. It helped me understand that some people are horrible, some people are good, and there are a lot of good people that make craptacular choices. Oh, and I got really good at picking sports teams and boxers.

    Stick with it. He’ll thank you later.

  9. I have a tendency to stay away from the news for me. And I always kept my daughter away from it, for all the reasons you were concerned. She is now 18, co-founder and president of the Amnesty International chapter at her high school. She knows more than a person “should” about the shitty things that are done in this world, in the name of right, or good, or God (by whatever term), or politics.

    And her answer is to shine a light on these things, to heighten awareness, to be sure we are talking about these things. I could not be more proud.

  10. It’s nice to have time together! I am a recent early-morning convert, and love the time to get things done before the kid gets up, then I can enjoy her more.

  11. Carrie @ barbie clothes says:

    What a beautiful day to start a bonding moment… Morning is a new hope and
    another blessing. cute post!

  12. From one journalist mama to another…this touched me deeply.


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