If you let your child get purple streaks in her hair…the ladies at the salon will gossip.

If you tell them it’s for Lupus Awareness month…they will skulk off and slouch under their hair driers and continue to gossip.

If you give them the stink eye right on back…while getting your own purple hair…they will avoid eye contact and awkwardly leave the salon in a hurry.

Tomorrow is World Lupus Day. Sign the pledge. Go purple.


  1. Love it! What a great idea – I may have to get my purple streaks renewed – it’s been too long!

  2. I need to get repurpled. I should get L6 purpled. Also, old ladies should just hush.

  3. She could rock any color she wants to!

  4. You are going to the wrong salons. And in your area, there are certainly better places to go where women don’t say anything except how AWESOME purple is. Cuz it is way awesome.

  5. My purple is getting re-purple’d this week – YOU GO GIRLS!!!

  6. Guess what? I already got it covered. 😀

  7. Hala can’t wait to see it when the foil comes off!!

  8. Going purple is an awesome way to spread the message. Kudos to the idea! I’m sure it was a fun way to spend the afternoon with your daughter too.

  9. Aw! She looks so cute with her purple. =)

  10. I wish I had known. Not that I would have really had a chance to get purple streaks in my hair…but I’m kind of bummed I missed it.

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