Magic Hats Can Explain SOPA, PIPA, & Internet “Strikes”

It seems only appropriate that on this day, a day of protest here in the wild World Wide Web, I showcase the hat sent to me by BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone:

Blacked out

Just the hat though, that’s all you get to see…as I’m reading and educating myself on a very important Internet issue- freedom.

I’m starting by reading up on the two bills headed through (or stalled, or being changed, or fill-in-the-blank-status as of now) Congress and then I will contact my representative.

As a pioneer in making sure women’s voices are heard online and throughout the world, Lisa Stone (or as we call her at work, Lisa FUCKING Stone) sent me this hat with love. But she also taught me to never pass up an opportunity to educate. So educate yourself today on WHY people are so upset and some of your favorite sites have gone dark.

Can’t figure out why Google has that big, black, block over it? Want it easily explained with laughter? Can’t figure out why everyone is unable to look up stuff on Wikipedia? Click. Learn. And then decide if you plan to do anything about any of it.

And enjoy Lisa’s hat. 


  1. That’s some hat! Love this post.

  2. Maybe it’s just because it’s hiding my face? Naw… Lisa sends awesome stuff…. !

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