Dear Cable News Blow Hards: Walk the Walk on Women or GET OUT OF THE WAY

There is a rather interesting pissing matching going on currently between Andrew Breitbart, Dana Loesch, Lee Stranahan, and (as far as I can tell) Keith Olbermann. (There may be more so feel free to add them in the comments if you are watching.)

They are arguing over sexual assaults, rapes, and crimes that are alleged to have occurred at or near Occupy camps across the country.

All sides seem to agree sexual assault/rape = bad and all sides seem to agree the other is lying about something.

What no one seems to be addressing is the complete and utter exploitation of victims for their own political and pundit fodder and gain. They have each spent the past 24-48 hours blaming each other for which side defends women better- the left or the right, the independent, the socialist, the commie, the hippie, the tea partier, the occupier or the cable news blow hard.

Let me make this very clear, since all of you seem to be too wrapped up in who is ‘winning’ to see clearly: you all suck and not a single one of you is doing a damn thing to help women.

You are exploiting them for traffic on your website/show and you have offered zero solutions to any issues be they alleged or otherwise.

You are doing this for ratings, to score political points, and to pretend as if you suddenly give a shit about feminists, women being attacked, or violence against women.

I’ve watched all of you in action, and I have no issues with lecturing you on your pathetic attempt to put on a show as if you care what happens to anyone but yourself. Your egos speak for themselves with the sheer LACK of attempting to HELP any of these women, but instead use them as pawns in your political game.

Oh another epic take down of pundit #1’s weak points while pundit #2 posts another video showing the lies of pundit #3 while pundit #4 sits around laughing maniacally¬†because of the traffic rolling in and the ad dollars and tv appearances this might bring!

Bravo, morons. Bravo. Once again women are being used and abused by the media so you can bring home a paycheck.

Here’s an idea…why not get your incredibly concerned for women asses involved in some of the MANY bipartisan organizations out there actually working to stop violence against women- wherever it occurs. Because let me tell you, it’s not just at Occupy events, it’s at EVERY event.

And it’s shown on each station your pea sized brains see fit to visit with your suddenly lily white vision of YOUR side’s wonderful treatment of women (checking again how many Republicans signed on to re-up the Violence Against Women Act…oh right, turns out it’s now a PARTISAN issue…pathetic).

And let’s go ahead and review just the act of needing a tent at any event for women to feel ‘safe’ in and the problems there in…or how some of us felt as (legally) gun-toting cowboys strutted their stuff at Tea Party rallies while ELECTED OFFICIALS called for the crowd to take back their country by ‘any means necessary.’

Yeah. Enough. Enough already. Now you’re going to have a pissing match over which side takes violence more seriously? Are you fucking kidding me?

How about you back legislation. You offer solutions. You work together to get rid of violence against women ENTIRELY and in a bipartisan manner that actually .. oh, I don’t know… STOPS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

Loesch, of all people, knows of several bipartisan female organizations she could easily contribute to in a good faith effort to show her new-found feminism, be it Name it, Change it or something with a bit more teeth like backing the Violence Against Women Act and using her bully pulpit to get conservatives to sign on.

Olbermann should know that the current War on Women being perpetrated by the Right easily includes attempting to take down anyone standing up for women’s rights- and instead of wasting his time acting as though the Occupy events have been clean of any violence against women, stand up and say ENOUGH (victims, protestor or otherwise) get it OUT of this movement. His attempting to dismiss ‘problems’ at Occupy events reminds me of Breitbart and Loesch attempting to dismiss racism within the Tea Party…’what? racism… we don’t see that here, we’re loosely organized and can’t possibly know or pretend to know everything that goes on across the country.. blah blah blah racism blah blah blah excuses blah blah blah lies blah blah blah more racism blah blah blah more excuses…’ was basically their party line despite every person of color on the planet (minus the handful who decided to be tea partiers) screaming at them ‘OMG THE RACISM AT THESE THINGS SUCK.’

The fact of the matter is the Tea Party went off the rails when it refused to acknowledge its movement had a KKK issue and a white privilege issue. The Occupy movement is going off the rails by having big named pundits refuse to acknowledge there has been violence against women.

So now is the time for EVERYONE to STFU and DO something about it. I said it before and I will say it again- if you are serious about confronting racism and dealing with it then WORK WITH the organizations reaching out to you- like the NAACP and others. And if you are SERIOUS about helping women and suddenly giving a SHIT about that ‘patriarchy’ we so often decry then get off your cable news stool and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT- support the Violence Against Women Act, contribute and join Name it, Change it … offer up your own God Damn solution for all I care, just DO SOMETHING instead of piss at each other back and forth on twitter and your blogs pretending like you care what happens to these women.

Because right now, all it seems any of you are about is being right. And that helps no one but your selfish egos.

I’m ready to see which one of you will walk the walk and get involved to help.

Let’s just hope I don’t have to wait long, because there is an election coming up and the majority of us women are sick of being used as your political football.

I don’t pretend to speak for all women, but I do speak for myself when I say I refuse to spend another minute believing ANY OF YOU care about what happens to women at an Occupy event, at a Tea Party event, at the headquarters of the RNC where I’ve seen some sexist things written on white boards while visiting. And let’s not even mention the current war on birth control, where apparently women should be just keeping their legs crossed and never enjoying sex unless we’re out to make a baby….hello 1950’s anyone?

This woman is done watching pissing matches and is ready to use her voice and her vote for those of you offering solutions that show respect, equality, and for God’s sake a little fucking sense.

Shelve your egos and use your positions to get shit done, or get out of the way…because I’ve got millions of women behind me ready to continue our work, which you don’t seem to acknowledge or respect unless it brings you ratings.

Walk the walk. 

I’m waiting.

p.s. Here is my six-year old daughter, who seems to understand the issue better than all of you combined.

Not to be outdone- his sister says hello

When I told her what was happening she asked ‘so what are they going to do about it?’¬†

My answer?

‘Probably nothing, honey…’

and she replied ‘Well that’s pretty stupid Mom…’

Pretty stupid, indeed.

And in honor of her Mother, she’s blowing you a kiss…though I prefer to think of it as she’s telling you to kiss off.


  1. ursula (@ursulas) says:

    Spot on!

  2. Thank you. It had to be said. Friggin blow hards.

  3. Nailed it! (Again!)

  4. I love the PS where your six-year-old can get to the heart of the issue and the ‘grown-ups’ can’t.

  5. Very well said. It’s making me feel so hopeless. These bickering ratings driven TV spots, the VA legislation…it just feels like my daughters are growing up in a world where they will actually see their human rights stripped of them, but find it normal.

  6. This is right on! I cannot imagine that these people actually sit back and listen to themselves. Are there no women or girls in their lives that they want to protect and defend and advocate for?

  7. Lee Stranahan says:

    Hey Erin,

    Wrong. My extensive reporting on the issue — mostly highlighting the concerns of people IN THE OCCUPY movemenet — has put outside pressute and made things safer.

    How dare you insulate otherwise? Apalling.

  8. Easy Lee, your reporting was partisan. It was paid for by Brietbart and Co and there is no way you can claim it’s NONpartisan. Bravo for shedding light on things already being tackled by the movement- however your intentions were for the women or were they to take down liberals?

  9. TeaPatriot says:

    You’re the one who is full of it. The Tea Party didn’t have any KKK or any other race issue. As usual, a lefty has to pull the race card.

  10. Bravo E, Seriously BRAAAA-VOOOO!! I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’m seriously doubting I will EVER raise a girl child in this country because women’s rights are being trios upon in such a manner that disgusts me to no end! I’m tired of my womb being a political football that gets kicked back & forth!!! When I talk to EU counterparts & tell them what is going on here, they ask if we’re taking cues from SAUDI ARABIA!!

  11. A secondary (primary?) distressing issue that I’m noticing is a passive resignation exhibited by a lot of women. Waiting for others to take the lead, resigned to seeing our daughters having fewer rights, expecting others to “help women.”

    Excuse me!?

    What are we going to do about this bullshit turn of events!? As George Carlin would have said, “No fuck these assholes!”

  12. Oh you silly TeaPatriot- read what I wrote, please. Acknowledge there are issues, reach out to the other side and acknowledge that if you don’t see it, they do and have a frigging discussion and try PROGRESS. That is what people are TRYING to do with OWS and violence and sexual assaults. Acknowledge and handle it for fuck’s sake. Do not stick your head in the sand…or stick it there and pretend nothing is wrong. Because clearly that has gotten us really far these past few decades /eyeroll (that’s sarcasm in case you don’t understand it….)

  13. Can you HEAR me clapping all the way over here? You are awesome, and I am always amused when, upon reading something they don’t personally endorse several (I don’t know all of these people) are QUICK to pull out all the stops to bash and attempt to humiliate anyone who doesn’t agree. You can blame everyone else all day, you can call names when someone doesn’t agree with you but Jesus H. Christ maybe it would be better for them to use that energy and their obvious 15 minutes of limelight and do something MEANINGFUL instead of just FULL OF MEAN.


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