NYC’s Toll

I’ve been home from New York for nearly a week now…and I’m still recovering. Emotionally. Physically.

It was a much needed trip to add some normalcy to our otherwise ‘school, work, doctor’ routine. It was a much needed trip to remind me that I am more than my illness and I am capable of greatness even with this illness.

But most importantly, it reminded me of how far we’ve come.

This carefree couple that haphazardly ended up together in the oddest of ways, never fully believing what we were doing until we were so far in we couldn’t imagine life any other way. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and everything in between. I was content to just have some time in a quiet hotel room with my best friend, spending more than a few minutes without being interrupted by the need for more chocolate milk or help with a video game.

And then returning home with a thud, as most vacations do, to absent chauffeurs and delayed flights and kids in need of extra attention and cars breaking down and doctors delivering treatment and news of what a simple flight across the country does to my body.

But we did it. And we had fun. And I managed to remind myself OF myself while there. The self he fell in love with that I am fighting to bring back through all this bullshit piled on us. Just being capable of doing it helped me reach an arm out and break through- grabbing him and holding tight.

He’s still here. I’m still here.

NYC, I thank you, even if you battered me a bit. As my doctor said…’these numbers are nothing compared to the smile I see on your face. Next time I’ll send you for longer!’

My man of steel @aaronvest is taking me to the natural history museum via wheelchair 'cause he's badass with potholes in NYC


  1. I am so glad you were able to be a part of life outside of treatments and just enjoy yourself. Rest up. Take care. And continue to smile.

  2. Hooray!

  3. I am SO GLAD I could finally hug you in person. Thank you for giving so much energy to be there. I’m grateful. Also, no one tells a Romney story like you do. Man, hearing it in person– that was priceless.

  4. So glad to hear how happy you are-it comes through even in your writing!

  5. All I can say is, it was a goose-bump inducing thrill to see you on the video on that catwalk, Erin! I wish I’d been there in person, but it was so nice to SEE YOU – out and about. I’m glad NY was kind to you, even if travelling sucks.

  6. Erin, when I was a young woman & first going out to parties, my mother gave me a bit of useful advice. ” make sure always that the time you are having is worth whatever price you might have to pay in the morning”

    From the looks of things you had a marvelous time in NYC! It was a pleasure to finally get to meet you and your husband 🙂

  7. So… more numbers back today. Not the greatest but the body still held up ok. I won’t be doing anymore flying soon, but I do get to add PT to my schedule to try and keep me a bit more active. Fingers crossed.

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