Dealing With a Load of Crap

Humiliation is laying in a hospital bed, after 10 days of nothing but towel baths, your hair unwashed and crumpled in a bun, your back sweating against the plastic under the sheets…and opening your eyes to feel yourself covered in shit. Someone else’s shit.

The nurses are kind and wonderful. They clean you up and pad you with towels and an adult diaper, reminding you to not get up and to just ‘let it out’ while laying flat.

Cdiff is no joking matter, as much as I’ve been trying to laugh about all of this. It kills tens of thousands of  Americans per year and after two rounds of failed antibiotics I was beginning to worry I’d be a statistic.

My UCLA gastroenterologist Dr. J. had offered an experimental treatment to rid me of my now 2nd bout with CDiff, one I may or may not be open to because of it’s unusual nature.

Erin, I think we should consider a fecal transplant. We get our frozen specimens from the East Coast, they are screened just like any blood or tissue or organ you would receive, and we place the fecal matter into your intestines and allow the new and good bacteria/flora to combat the disease. 

Yes. I had someone else’s poop placed way up into me. Apparently this isn’t anything new. It dates back several hundreds of years in China. But more importantly it has an over 90% success rate and all signs indicate I’m one of those successes.

This could change everything. My entire immune make up.

I want to have hope and frankly, I have very high hopes.

This could change my life.

I’m scared. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and becoming ill over and over again. But this is different. This is huge.

I should keep myself cautiously optimistic. But instead I have huge hopes.

Have them with me…because it’s all I have right now.


  1. It totally worked. It’s working. I believe 🙂

  2. I really want this to work for you. You need to be out there changing the world.

  3. Gretchen says:

    My little midwest city hospital has started a fecal transplant program. I hear it’s kind of a miracle treatment. It’s working!

  4. Wow! Didn’t even know of an option like this! Hope that your hope is correct and this procedure is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

  5. These can be remarkably successful and I just KNOW you will be one of the success stories. But, ugh. You’ve had to deal with more literal and physical crap than anyone should have to face in a lifetime. You are getting all my prayers, good thoughts, vibes, etc – I can’t believe I was just feeling mopey about the weather. Update as you can.

  6. I’ll admit I’ve not heard of Cdiff before but I just Googled it – eurgh, I really hope that crazy treatment works for you (how bizarre!). Thanks for opening up for us. Sending you my best wishes, Chester (all the way from the UK).

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