We weren’t in just any waiting room this time. Not another blood draw for Mom or CT scan or a look at my insides. In fact, those appointments are easy these days.

But this wasn’t going to be easy.

In fact, after four hospital stays in four months, and a third surgery coming up in a few weeks…this was the hardest appointment to keep.

This time we needed to address the emotional state of our house. And put it in order.


I took the kids to a specialist yesterday. She’s a wiz in tics and anxiety and she’s been long overdue in our family.

It was hard to hear certain words from her- like Tourette and OCD. It was hard to hear certain words from the kids-like death and orphanage. But it was much needed.

We are getting answers. We are getting reassurance. We are getting tools we can use. We are ahead of the game, we are on top of it and we are plowing through all this with knowledge in hand.

We are also beaming with pride at our brave children, their brilliant and different minds, and the comfort we can give them.