An Open Letter to iCarly

Hi Carly (aka Miranda Cosgrove),

It appears you are my son’s very first crush. He’s 6.

As a mother, I, of course, have some concerns. But overall, I’m ok with you being the object of his desire.

He seems to think you are prettiest and funniest girl on the planet and even drooled (no really, with real drool) when he saw your DVD on the shelf at the store.

You are the reason his father taught him the phrase “humminahumminahummina,” and for that, I apologize.

You’re a web chick (in theory), you don’t wear revealing clothes, you seem, by all tabloid accounts, to stay out of trouble.

On camera you stick blueberries up your nose and make chicken soup in a toilet. What 6-year old boy wouldn’t love you?

However, and this is a big however…if you go all Britney on me…I will be forced to ban you, your show, and your network. Harsh, I know…but in this day and age I just can’t risk my little guy’s heart and mind to the wiley ways of a wayward girl. He’ll get enough of that in his real life when the time comes, this I am sure. Hell, he gets enough of that from his own mother. So he really doesn’t need it from the fictional female he adores.

In short, don’t disappoint me. Please.

No pressure, really.




  1. i mean show
    .-= jarvis´s last blog ..Getting Into Trade Show =-.

  2. where do you live to visit you

  3. hey love ur show plus freddy is ssssssssoooooooo cute

  4. Why Can’t I Go Live With You

  5. Dear Icarly,
    I really like your web show.And tell Spencer I said hi.I liked your’s and sam’s dress for the I chose awored.I wish i can see you,Sam Fredy and Spencer in persen.You guys are all asome!I love to go on your web show.I was funny whan you and Sam panted Gibby.

  6. Hey Miranda u r awsome u rock u must be the one a lot of people look up to.

  7. hey carly i luv ur show also luv u .tex me back


  9. q fea q esta!!!!

  10. I love ur show i ‘v seen it 7 time today u guys are so cool !!! I realy realy want to meet u right back bye

  11. hi my name is tabitha bentley.i have a 4 year old little girl that love your show. she have been asken for or dvd so can you please send her one thank you very much

  12. I LOVE YOU

  13. paige fournier says:

    hi carly i am your biggest fan paige fournier i think u r a awsome acter and i think u and freddy would make a great cupple and u and sam should be friends for ever i just now it .it should be amazing being a super star and having so much fans and money and having fans look up to u like me just to tell u i live at 88 baker rd thomphson connedakit i am 8 years old it would be a pleger if i could have a day with u your my biggest fan in the world i follow every step u do if u have time i would love if u could come to my house i,m your best fan please come

  14. I ? iCarly ! ! !

  15. hay icarly is frady thar cos i ned to tell him something frady my name is Travis i was whching your guys show a waol a go. your mom is a sickow sometimes. im not saying it as a bad way. im gust saying that. so if you have a comepeoter and if you have roblox sand me a letter if not met me on http://www.roblox/wofviper989 at roblox .com talk to you guys soon. oh on more thing im allso good on ww2 ships and planes. so if you guys dont know ww2 as much fisit me at talk to you guys soon LONG LIVE THE BATTEL SHIP USS IOWA!!!!!

  16. Dear icarly I don’t want to say igoodbye because I love watching you show every kid in the world loves watching your show it’s their whole dream of icarly fans in america that love you guys cause you guys are loving and caring that really touches my heart for me to miss you guys that I just don’t want to say goodbye know I really really really really really live your show. To the icarly crew love their biggest biggest biggest fan Samantha Wyatt Armpriester. PS you guys touch my heart with love.

  17. Peace out my favorite icarly people I really love you guys.

  18. U guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Freddie’s benson hair and his style

  19. Yell Freddie and Puckett that I said hello and that gibby boy and his brother guppy.

  20. Carly, Sam, Fredie, Gibby, and Spencer I wish you guys could have just one last episode
    all of your fans would love it and so would I and this might sound selfish but I could be on Icarly or at least if you could visit my school it is right next to seattle if you guys actually live there in Gig Harbor and i know this might not be true but if you guys have a farther or mother in the army my dad navy marines or even the air force if my dad told me to go to another place because he would be stationed I would well I did thats why I am in NYC but he also said were moving back to seattle.You guys are the most hilarious people on tv I am really going to miss you guys a lot I kind of wish you guys could do 1 last movie Icarly goes Itally I don’t Spain wherever Carly lives now everybody would love it bet you guys I am sorry if I bored you guys with this letter I hope you guys read itand like it a lot I just don’t want to see you guys go you all have been hilarious could you talk about another season please 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times listen to your FANS make another season please for FANS we don’t want to say goodbye to you guys if I could I would pay for the director have another season and if want to contact me go to my E-mail and write or on xbox live my name is XL SNOW VIPER I hope you have another season for your FANS I am really gonna miss you guys and sorry if I spelled your name wrong but think about your FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really goning to miss you guys 🙁 I guest goodbye forever.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( also if look closely there are smiles hoping you do the right thing and make another season please please please please! I would pay the director not you me pay him $ I wish I could meet you guys that would be my christmas wish see a I hope you get this message AND MAKE ANOTHER SEASON FOR YOUR FANS :):( GOOD BYE I WISH IT WASEN’T GOOD BYE IM CRYING WELL I HOPE I SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THINK ABOUT YOUR FANS I’M CRYING;( I LOVE YOU GUYS);

  21. hey i carly i will miss your show i wish you guys can come back you guys are hillareus.

  22. Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby,spencer
    You guys are awesome I tape every show of yours I love Sam shi is so funny
    And Carly you are so pretty and Freddie you are so smart about computers and Gibby you are so cool and spencer you make awesome art.
    One day I wish that I was on your show I think that will be great and give me an opportunity to say hi to my cousins in Italy I really miss them so I really love your web show and you guys a hillareus.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. Hay carly sam freddie I love your web show I wish I could live with u freddie is soooooooo hot please right back I have bring annoying my mum because I want to come to america to see u sooooo right back soon thank u xx

  24. i watch icarly alot i can not beleive its over.i am ten yrs old.i love you.pls write back.i am a south afrii am a indian

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