No, that’s not a vuvuzela. It’s the sound of the dying bee I flicked off the bottom of my daughter’s foot with a lightsaber.

Yes, a lightsaber.

As my poor, screaming, baby girl hopped on one foot to show me the bee and it’s stinger lodged and squirming, I instinctively grabbed the nearest lightsaber to remove the offending insect.

I’m not sure what this says about me in a crisis.

Morning Lego building with Nicky

Meanwhile my son, who has been very against his sister’s crying as of late, covered his ears and ran into the house yelling ‘MAKE HER STOP MAKE HER STOP’ prompting the puppy to bark and chase him.

So to review:  my five-year old is screaming in pain, my seven-year old is running and screaming, while the six-month old puppy is barking and chasing us all.

Yes, I highly recommend you come to MY house whenever you have a minor crisis. It’s loads of chaotic fun.

Alright so maybe our first bee-sting of a child wasn’t an entire parent fail. I got the stinger out. I used baking soda paste until I found the 1st aid kit and it’s insect sting relief pads. I soothed my baby girl with hugs and ice cream and wrapped her tiny foot carefully. I had a talk with her brother about how he needs to ‘help’ in an emergency, not run away screaming. All in all it wasn’t the worst summer emergency melt down.

Of course this morning I surveyed the damage and reassessed that opinion. Baking soda all over the ground. Band Aid wrappers strewn across the kitchen. And there, on the patio… a lightsaber with a dead bee at it’s tip.

Summer vacation at it’s finest.


  1. Sorry but im smiling, not at the bee sting ouch but the chaotic nature of your home it reminders me so much of my own. We haven’t broke up for summer so I have it all to come xxx

  2. Lightsaber as bee killer = awesome 🙂

  3. Lightsaber to the rescue!

    I remember getting stung by a bee at her age when my little bro and his pal started stirring up bees by trying to smash them with bricks. Very traumatic experience. But heck, I’m still scared to death of them!

  4. We have a bee infestation in the backyard. I am totally getting a light saber.
    .-= Jerseygirl89´s last blog ..Slightly Annoyed =-.

  5. Happy is the most important thing in the world.

  6. Killing a bee with a light saber? Very cool.

    Also cool? All that kid art on your walls.
    .-= Stacey´s last blog ..You Have Got to Be Kidding Me =-.

  7. HA! Chaos reigned supreme and you responded with a light saber, my kids would love you. LOVE you.
    .-= laura´s last blog ..Have we fallen so far now updated with vitriolic spew comment =-.

    check this out. good stuff.

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