An Open Letter to Judge Judy Sheindlin

Your Honor,

I just watched your interview on Fox News which aired on October 11, 2013. You also mentioned you don’t read negative mail, so my guess is you may never see this…however my hope is that many will be educated regardless.

First of all my love goes out to your daughter-in-law with Lupus. As you rightly stated, some days I’m sure she can get out of bed and go about her day and others it’s debilitating.

Debilitating was the word you used, not me.

Then you went on to say how (and I’m paraphrasing) we’ve created a society where drug addicts and those with bad backs and those like your daughter-in-law are told ‘not to worry, if you can’t take of yourself we’ll take care of you.’

Apparently in the world of personal responsibility and your new book that you are shilling, you think the government shouldn’t be helping those with debilitating auto-immune disorders. Ones they didn’t ask for, nor did they contract by some irresponsible action of their own.

As someone with a family member with Lupus I would hope that you would be better educated on exactly how it works, but by the way you spoke on television I was unclear. Especially considering you seemed to think Lupus was not a disorder that could possibly render one disabled to the point of needing government assistance. This may be the case for your daughter-in-law. It may be the case for many others with Lupus in varying degrees. However, Lupus is a killer and as you said, debilitating.

It destroys organs.

It causes organ failure.

It causes strokes.

It attacks your own body and causes so much pain you can not get out of bed, shampoo your own hair, or even tie your own shoes.

But here is the real kicker: Lupus is different for everyone. It does not attack one body the same way, because hey…we are all different.

From the Lupus Foundation of America:

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years.

In lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and germs (“foreign invaders,” like the flu). Normally our immune system produces proteins called antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues (“auto” means “self”) and creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. These autoantibodies cause inflammation, pain, and damage in various parts of the body.

In my own body, Lupus is currently attacking my blood vessels causing them to be inflamed. As you can imagine this causes much pain from head to toe. We also just found out I have the beginning stages of glaucoma thanks to Lupus. Previously Lupus has caused me to have a stroke, two TIAs, lose my gallbladder, lose part of my colon, lose my uterus, my ovaries, and my cervix.

I undergo bi-weekly treatment via IV infusions three days a week, for 4-6 hours per day. Those are on the weeks I’m just getting my ‘regular’ treatment. Every four months or so I get two extra treatments of a super powerful drug via another IV infusion.

I am on powerful steroids and many other medications that have serious side effects. Some days I’m not sure which is worse, the disorder or the treatment.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly make it easy to work. Which is why I am thankful that in our country, when I was capable of working, I paid into social security as well as private insurance disability benefits. I thought that was also called personal responsibility. According to you, though, I’m avoiding personal responsibility.

I worked as hard as I could for as long as I could, making sure we had savings, and even reaching out to family for help. Then medical debt took over and now we’re doing what many Americans do: paying our bills, living paycheck to paycheck, and thanking all the deities for Obamacare (which as you correctly noted is law) as it will help my family get through this rough time. As someone who makes millions per year and was named to Forbe’s list of highest paid entertainers, I don’t expect you to understand the needs to the average American family. I do, however, expect you to retain compassion regardless of the size of your bank account.

Now I’m not exactly sure why you felt the need to single out Lupus patients as being irresponsible for their disability simply because they follow the law and take out the money they put into these government programs. Lupus patients are already stigmatized enough as it is with so little money having been put into research and educating the public on the pain and suffering we experience.

Our pain is real. Our suffering is real. You are welcome to see my brain MRI showing the stroke, the doctor’s notes and files regarding the inflammation so pervasive in my pelvis the doctor couldn’t believe anything was left and most of all, I’d love for you to talk to my family. Please, sit down with my children, my husband and hear from them the toll it’s taken.

Just as you don’t want to ‘pay for my kids’ I certainly do not want to be sick and out of work. It’s the LAST place anyone with Lupus wishes to be. Shame on you for insinuating we are mere moochers or freeloaders not taking responsibility for ourselves.

I’d give anything to be back at work and healthy. I’d give anything to have my organs inside my body and my brain functioning as it was before the stroke. Lupus is no joke and those with Lupus deserve your praise, not your scorn. We wake up every morning and fight to live. We fight against the odds. I know Lupus patients who are heroes.

As someone who is sworn to uphold the law perhaps you have seen only the law breakers from your bench. Perhaps you have spent so many years handing down sentences to those who try and take advantage of the law that you have forgotten the majority of people are not looking to lie, cheat, and steal their way through life.

Some are just simply hoping to live.

I’m glad there is a safety net for citizens of this great country and I believe we are a great country because we can provide that safety net. You may not like your tax dollars going to me or my family, but I don’t like my tax dollars going to wars I don’t agree with. It is a give and take. I, for one, am much happier giving to those in need.

And let me be clear: those with Lupus may truly be in need. The next time I can’t get out of bed, I will think of you and how you said I was undeserving. The next time yet another doctor gives me yet another diagnosis (last week it was glaucoma) caused by Lupus I will think of you, and how you said I was undeserving. The next time I’m in the hospital by doctor’s orders even though I want nothing more than to go home and be with my family, I will think of you and how you said I was undeserving.

Please educate yourself further on Lupus and perhaps offer your daughter-in-law even more help on those bad days when she can’t manage. Because we hope you never know the pain she and I are feeling on those days and how we’d love nothing more than to be at work instead.

In the meantime, I will proudly collect the disability I worked hard to contribute to and I will proudly stand up for Lupus patients – all 1.5 million of us in the US alone – as they collect their checks as well. Because as you said  ‘not to worry, if you can’t take of yourself we’ll take care of you.’

I don’t want Lupus patients to worry and I WILL help take care of them. THAT is the mark of an incredible nation that puts its people first.



Erin Kotecki Vest

There is a Move On Petition asking Judge Judy to apologize for her remarks regarding Lupus. 



  1. Regent St. Claire says:

    Dear Judge Judy: Perhaps you should do your research before looking down your nose at people afflicted with Lupus, and disparaging them in the press. I hope you never know the pain of living with this disease, but sadly, that may be the only way you will ever truly understand how wrong you are.

  2. Judge Judy is pandering to her audience. She doesn’t give a flying fig about you or anybody like you and I don’t mean Lupus patients. I mean people who spend their time learning and then sharing their knowledge. People who don’t consider jumping to conclusions to be a form of exercise. People who attend town hall meetings and stand up for a minority population instead of sitting on their couches shouting at the TV screen. But maybe somebody in her organization or one of her sponsors will read this and it will make a difference. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up…

  3. grandemocha says:

    Carolyn has a good idea. Write to Judge Judy’s sponsors and tell them why you won’t buy their products.

  4. Don’t let this woman upset you every time you feel bad. Don’t give her the satisfaction. She does not deserve it. Judge Judy is the most evil woman on tv if you ask me. I don’t watch her. She is always out to humiliate someone, she is so wrong in so many ways.

  5. Jane Downes says:

    What a wonderful letter! Thanks for writing it!

  6. I do not suffer from Lupus, I suffer from Chronic Lyme’s Disease. And let me tell you how heart felt this letter was. As a person who can no longer prove positive for it (after 6 years it becomes virtually un-testable) I suffer daily, some days are good, some are bad, but most days I am just thankful for another day in the lives of my kids, who by the way have ADHD and autism spectrum disorder no thanks to my Lyme. I relate very well to the days where one can hardly get out of bed, where the pain is so great you’d rather jump out a window than deal with it. Where no amounts of treatment or pain meds can save you during flare ups. Where all the family is drained right along with you because there is no cure for the Chronic. I suffer from over 100 different ailments (symptoms) because of my Lyme. Thankfully they don’t all hit me at once. The worst of the worst is black out seizures and the mini strokes in which occur with no warning…I just drop. Very scary because I am a full time stay at home mom, because much like the poster I used to work…now I am just belittled by everyone because they either choose not to understand or just want to be ignorant about the fact that I can not work-more than likely ever again. I love being home with my kids, they keep me going…whether I want to or not. I have been misdiagnosed by numerous lyme iliterate doctors and once even received the news I could have Lupus. Many diseases and cancers act like Lymes, the mimickerary is so good it is just easier to sometimes say “oh there is nothing wrong with you-it’s all in your head”…well technically yes, it is all in my head, my body, my bones, joints, muscles, nerves….I tested positive for it in 2004, had the infamous bullseye rash marking, everything. When my mother moved a few years later that paper work got lost and by that point my doctor who got me my positive result had to close his practice. I have had it untreated for over 9 years now. It is one of the most debilitating things ever, and I do not wish it on my own worst enemy, My heart goes out to all the people with Lupus and other health issues and treatments that will forever be long term. I will probably never see treatment, my kids will get the treatments and therapy they need to help them over come what they got because of me. Best wishes and luck for all.

  7. Hi All –

    I doubt seriously the Honorable Judge Judy will read anything we post here, so to you who posted, a big Thank You.

    For what, you may ask? For speaking out. For caring enough to get mad and stand up and be heard. I came down with Lupus 4 yrs ago and it has drastically changed my life. I am in pain that would probably drop most people to their knees. However, because of people like this lady, I am terrified to ask for help from the gov’t. I am afraid of the fight being told I’m a faker and liar…keep in mind, that that is exactly what 8 doctors (I choose to call them quacks) said when I went to them for help…I couldn’t bend my elbows anymore with knives shooting up my arms and by the time I was diagnosed, I could barely walk.

    So, as all of us with chronic illnesses know, we don’t just fight to enjoy a day; but, we also have to fight with silly people like the Honorable, as well.

  8. Kymberleigh Johnson says:

    Something tells me that Lupus was just Judge Rudeness Judy’s, pick of the day. I can’t stand how degrading & demeaning she is towards people in general, but this is a new low even for her! I don’t have Lupus, but I do have it’s cousin, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Of course most Lupies know that RA is NOT “just arthritis” & that it too is an autoimmune disease that can & often does affect multiple body systems. I have lost my thyroid to autoimmune thyroid disease (Hoshimoto’s), a direct result of my RA. Let’s not mention the fact that most Lupies & people with RA also have other health issue too, like Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, G.E.R.D. & a host of others I could list. Bottom line is her royal rudeness needs to keep her ignorant mouth shut when it comes to things she apparently knows nothing & hasn’t bothered to learn about!

  9. I don’t give a fig about Judge Judy and her ilk, but I’d sure love to give the author of this letter a HUGE (but very gentle) hug. All I can think is that if she feels that way about Lupus, when she has someone in her family with it, how must she feel about Fibromyalgia patients. I’m sure she thinks we’re all faking. Well, that’s ok, I think Judge Judy fakes having a heart, or soul.

  10. Fantastic letter! I am at end-stage with Lupus and only accept palliative care. I have no quality of life, am homebound and Yes, living off government money. A whole 710/month. I am grateful for it but, I’d like to see Judge Judy try to live off of this. Thanks for speaking for us, you did great!

  11. Shawn Berkley says:

    What shocked me most about hers speech, was that she put Lupus/US in the same group with alcoholics and drug users. They choose to pick up the bottle or drug, we did not have a choice. SHAME on her!

    This letter was wonderful and thank you for speaking for all of us. May God bless us all with a pain free day! Spoons to all!


  12. Beautiful post! Too many people have lost track of empathy and think that they can judge the pain of others. It’s unfortunate. Your pain is real and I respect you for telling your story! I hope that you find some hope and healing and that you are able to fulfill all your wishes – whether they be to go back to work or to go to the beaches of Hawaii.

  13. Christy Dixon says:

    Amazing letter. I too have Rheumatoid Arthritis, not Lupus, and your letter impressed me because without even intending to you showed that where the body is disabled, the mind is still very usable and able (disregarding the side effects of many pain meds.) The only way Judge Judy won’t wave this off as she does other menial irritations is if you hit her in the pocket. Notify her sponsors of your feelings and how her ignorance and lack of care bothers you to the point you cannot support their products. THEN she may read the letter. Hang in there. You are not alone.

  14. candace skeen says:

    Thank you to the author of the letter to ‘Judge Judy’; you are right she will never read or probably even hear about this ‘little upset’ as she will likely see it… unfortunately, she ls not the only one with these views…wlth the whole upset over ‘Change’ there are many who are out looking for whose to blame for takelng OUR MONEY!!!!! I DID NOT see Mrs. Shelilend’s interview but i saw many like it. She does need to apologize because she is one who is recognizable ln the public eye, and she ls aware that there are many persons ln the public eye that are critical and she was heartless and spoke with extreme ignorance, though, i doubt a ”public upset’ will change her views truely. what’s happened with this debate is more than scary, and i wander back to the days of Salem…it feels like there will be a witch hunt of sorts and those at the stake are those like me, I have MSabd my family have already pointed out to me what a burdden i will be for them…

  15. I wonder how much her son and daughter in law detest Judge Judy. I removed doubters and downers after years of rudeness and eye rolling. God help those that become sick after such callousness.

  16. To the person who wrote this letter I want to give you a big but gentle hug. And for speaking on our behalf as I too suffer daily from this and RA along with other health issue’s . Judy needs to go suck an egg (rotten).

    Blessing to you

  17. Dear Judge Judy- Before I was diagnosed with Lupus, I was a small Business Owner. I have taken care of myself all my life, and I worked hard to get my house, 2 cars, Pay my bill, and keep more more food than we could ever eat- Now life is the opposite- after Lupus, gall bladder removal, Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Bursitis, My fingers are becoming deformed, I am in constant pain, and I can’t even begin to type out all my other health issues as a result of lupus. I worked until The Hospital applied for my disability for me. Now I have no choice but to live on a mere $700 a month, and I don’t qualify for food stamps- can you keep shelter, Lights, water, Medicine, and food on $700 a month? I didn’t even mention maintaining a vehicle or car insurance. Most months, I have to ask for help to get food. I would gladly go punch a clock if I was able. Please come spend 1 week with me, then tell me I don’t deserve my check. Katonna Anstead

  18. Patti Pacer says:

    You should remember this quote the next time you feel tempted to imply that those of us who suffer everyday with Lupus as undeserving of help from our government: “There by the grace of God go I.” I pray that you will never know the pain of Lupus.

  19. I really appreciate the author’s fire about this issue. I don’t have Lupus, but I’m chronically ill. I suffer from Epilepsy, Chronic Daily Migraines, RA, PTSD, Fibro, 3 bleeding ulcers and a host of fun stuff. I am tired of idiots commenting on those of us who are chronically ill, without having any idea what we fight through everyday. I don’t wish any illness on anyone, but I do invite them to walk for a day, week, month in our shoes. Any takers? Didn’t think so. It’s the ignorance that just makes me so angry.

  20. Karen Geer says:

    I have severe chronic pain from a head and neck injury and fibromyalgia. Pain is felt by people differently so it’s hard to feel for one another. But if you’d care to take a spin in my body try this:

    Throw yourself down a couple flights of stairs – be sure you are covered in deep bruises. Then run the right side of your forehead into a wall as hard as you can 5-6 times should do.
    I forgot to mention be sure to try this only while you are recovering from the worst flu you ever had. You know, the kind that has you weak as a kitten even after the symptoms are gone.
    Then go to bed, but don’t manage to sleep too well – I certainly don’t.
    The next morning try this – go to work.

    Shame on you.

  21. Lynn Manchester says:

    What a LOW blow to the 5 million people suffering with a form of Lupus, especially those who have lost their home to pay medical expense, lost their friends and spouses because dealing with the disease is TOO hard. Shame on you Judge Judy, Fox News and the Interviews for not correcting Judge Judy or at least defending the Lupus Community. We should boycott the Judge Judy Show and Fox News. To even mention Lupus in the same sentence with alcohol and drug abuse, much less to dump Lupus in with drug abusers and alcoholics shows her ignorance about the this cruel, mysterious and debilitating disease. You would think having a daughter-in-law with Lupus she would be more educated. I guess it just goes to prove 72% of people do not know anything about Lupus other than to hear it in name only…Judge Judy is obviously in the 72%. Certainly we should be responsible but to dump Lupus Thrivers (who have no choice) in with drug abusers and alcoholics is degrading and offensive. Lupus is a very cruel and debilitating disease that steals the life from those suffering from it…maybe you should ask Houston Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale how devastating the effects of Lupus has on the whole family. He lost his young daughter to Lupus last year. Other things you should know about Lupus is…There is NO CURE and NO KNOWN CAUSE. 1.5 million Americans have Lupus and 5 million worldwide have Lupus. A Lupus patient with insurance and drug coverage still pay $20,000 to $60,000 a year for health care. Lupus affects 90% female and a 10% male. It took 52 years for FDA to approve a drug dedicated to Lupus, Benlysta was approved in 2011, yet not all Lupus patients can take it. Lupus is the most medically underserved disease. Lupus Thrivers subject themselves to clinical trials, serving as a guinea pig in an effort to find a more effective, less invasive treatment for Lupus patients. Lupus has been labeled a Family disease because it takes the whole family to care for the Lupus patient. Did you know Lupus can disguise itself as a cardio, gastro, renal, skin, blood, joint, muscle, skeletal and nervous system problem…try getting an accurate diagnosis from that mirage of symptoms. I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy and it is very insulting for “celebrities” like Judge Judy and Fox News to discount the severity of this disease and to imply it is a choice like alcoholism and drug abuse. They both owe the Lupus Community a huge apology

  22. I hear you. I hear all of you. From RA to Lyme to Fibro to PTSD to Chronic Pain from injury or simply being born that way. From Epilepsy to those who are still fighting for a diagnosis.

    DO NOT GIVE UP. Make doctors keep testing. Demand they give you the care you deserve. If you can’t afford it, go NOW to and work on filling out the enrollment forms for ACA aka Obamacare. If you are on government assistance or disability you will qualify for subsidies. It may even be at no or very low cost.

    You DESERVE care. You deserve health care in the ‘greatest country on earth’ and I will continue to fight to make SURE you get it- you can email me at queenmediallc @ gmail dot com if you need help.

    I’ve sat down with my family at the White House for families just like OURS- so that we do not just die alone and with no help and in pain. Lupus, RA, Raynauds, Sjogrins, Fibro, Lyme, Unspecified Connective Tissue Disorder- all of it- it’s NOT IN YOUR HEAD. And until I started receiving the RIGHT treatment I had no idea the pain could lessen. You deserve that as well.

    Do not be ASHAMED to apply. You NEED those meds to take care of your babies, to take care of YOU if you have no kids- YOU ARE WORTH IT.

    You can also contact me via twitter @queenofspain

  23. rosalind duran says:

    i am my daughter’s care taker, not only is she receiving benefits from ssi, but i am as well the.conditions under which my daughter lives, in and out of the hospital, multiple surgeries, heart, kidney, etc, were enough to cause me to spiral into a deep depression, because it was too hard trying to keep a full time, Sr. position at the local County Hospital, while trying to manage my daughter’s illness. if i hadn’t been disabled myself, she would probably died by now. it was because i quit my job,to care for her, that i was able to observe the symptoms she was experiencing upon climbing stairs. i noticed she was winded and due to my training, i was able to get her to a doctor in time to diagnose a defective mitral valve. these are only the major problems i have discussed, not to mention the numerous dr’s appts, day to day struggles, etc. it not only affects the Lupus patient, but, the family as well!!

  24. bi-weekly treatment three times a week???

  25. Your letter expressed your feelings with grace and honesty. It was very informative. I can unerstand many your frustrations, I have MS. I am extremely grateful for the progress mde in MS research, especially for those newly diagnosed as they can choose the therapy. I pray that lupus research will take off and be as successful. I feel sure a cure will avaiable be for the next gen. Prayers for your researchers and for those challenged with living with the diease. Blessings

  26. No matter what, if she is made to apologize, it will be more for PR than an actual heart felt apology. Still signed it. Maybe if that bitch had an auto-immune disease she’d be less inclined to sound like such an ignorant ass.

  27. Yup ‘editor’ I pretty much live at the infusion center of my doctor’s office. In fact, I’ll be there tomorrow.

    I’ve been trying to remember to check in on foursquare each time I go so I can keep track. But I forget half the time. I’m up to 160 check ins so far. Fun times. Fun times.

    This round I had 4 days because for some reason one bottle dripped slower than usual (my rate wasn’t bumped up as quickly as usual) and I had to get to school to pick up my kids. So we had to spread out my days. Which, since my doctor doesn’t do infusions on Fridays, turned into pretty much me being there every week…forever. I finish that round tomorrow and start back up all over again NEXT WEEK.

    Although my daughter has a field trip that is outside next week that I would really like to try to attend because it doesn’t involve walking (too hard for me) or being in a classroom (too many germs for my immune system) so it’s one of the FEW I can go on. So I will probably try to reschedule treatment to the following week which will just screw me up again and then I’ll end up with another two weeks in a row to stay on track. It’s a PITA.

  28. To everyone on here, DO NOT EVER ALLOW ANYONE make an attempt to down play any of your illness’ UNTIL ANYONE HAS WALKED A MILE IN ANY OF YOUR SHOES, no on can describe your pain or your level of tolerance. Sad to say that one day this woman will endure the pain of a serious disease, then and only then will she understand what it is to try to drink a sip of water and you can’t raise a cup to your mouth, to have to depend on another individual and if she’s lucky some one in her family may want or attempt to care for her, because if she gets stuck in a nursing home, she will be a prisoner of her own personal hell. Please do not get me wrong I do not wish ill on anyone regardless of their ignorance, because book smart has never made anyone common sense smart. I am disabled and I pray everyday that I can return to work one day, do I feel ashamed that I had to apply for SSD, NO I don’t because I paid into it, I worked my bumm off to support my children and what I get in a month I made in 4 days of work. One thing I do know is that I’d trade my pain with Judith Schindlin in heart beat. I pray for comfort and healing for everyone of us who are suffering painful debilitating disease and the side affects of western medicine.

  29. My mom had RA, OA, Hashimotos Disease her treatment only assisted in her rapid progression in pain, deterioration and ultimately her death. I was my mother’s primary caregiver, I am grateful that I didn’t become ill until after she died. Her pain was unbearable on a good day imagine on a bad one, Lupus is just as horrible and in educating myself on its treatment the side effects are just as bad as the disease if not worse. My heart goes out to everyone because I am in constant pain, funny thing is that people who see you always say the same damn ignorant thing!!! “you don’t look like your in pain” I actually had a bus driver refuse to lower the bus because i looked fine. SMH.
    Judge Judy shame on you.

  30. Layla Murphy says:

    Wow. I spent half my life trying to get an accurate diagnosis for my variety of maladies. I was accused of being a drug-seeker, was told it was depression, was told so many different hurtful things by medical “professionals”, only to finally find someone who saw me go from having a long-term “good period” to a massive flare of my Lupus, Sjogren’s, and Fibro and realize I was in trouble. After all the neurologists, pain management docs, etc, it was a Physician’s Assistant who had the intelligence and compassion to see there was a huge problem and refer me to the right doctor, who had me diagnosed correctly with all illnesses in three visits.

    I went from having a Master’s Degree and a wonderful career surrounded by brilliant, dynamic people and working out at least five times a week to barely able to get out of bed literally in one week. My stack of time-off requests from work from that day forward is two inches thick. Both of my care providers demanded I resign from the place I worked so hard to get and thought I would be for the next twenty years of my life. I cried more over my resignation than I did over a few of my divorces.

    So, now I am trying to redefine myself as a chronically ill person. One who can’t take her small children to the park, who develops panic attacks when she realizes that her narcotic supply is getting low, and whose husband just doesn’t feel the same way about her because she isn’t “fun” any more.

    I’m also sure “Judge” Judy won’t read or care about any of my challenges or the fact that I’m extremely offended to be lumped in a category with addicts. I was the one kid in high school who went to parties and turned down pot, but now monitor the medical marijuana issue closely because the side effects from all of the legal narcotics I take (which are frequently don’t come close to making my pain level tolerable) are so hard on my body. She won’t care that my diseases have turned me into a person I don’t know and don’t want to be. She will just sit back and continue to “Judge” me and those like me, while giving Faux news another talking point they won’t bother researching or actually caring about. Shame. On. You. I feel SO sorry for both your son and daughter-in-law and wish I knew her so I could give her the support she so obviously needs, because it is apparent she isn’t getting any from you.

  31. I read this and think of a person whom is a non productive person sitting on her butt , using her mouth to make big money producing nothing but hot air ,We all know the real blood suckers to us all are not the disabled it is all the non productive lazy people making money with there mouths not producing noting !! we calling others non productive ???? hahahhahahaha ,

  32. yes, walk in my shoes for just one flare and you will change your mind. Great letter! I would love to be able to work. I have three associates degrees and a double bachelors.

  33. Love this heartfelt and educative open letter to someone who is so dumb. Yes , I just wish if she has to go thru just a day of pain….how it will change her ” on ur head” assumption!

  34. I can’t watch the Judge Judy; she makes my headache with all her loud yelling; She needs a filter;heck she need compassion even though she wears the oh so ”Holy of Judges Robes;” sits above everyone you would think that she would know everyone sees her and hears her; She is a Reality Shows Nightmare; performs for the Camera and the Media; She needs to be cancelled and no one should replace her; enough of the Judges, and many of the Reality Shows already; And Miss, Judge Judy SSS~HHH~UUUU~SSS~HHH! My sister passed 10 years ago from ”Lupis,” that disease is pure suffering pain; kind of like the pain in my head gets when you sit and yell on that bench. Years ago you were some what funny and tolerable; now you are just a loud noise that occupies a time slot. All judge shows need to go;or just have a certain channel for all of you; I scan the channels and see your face/ hear your mouth and I am instantly Annoyed; Jackie Butler

  35. Judge Judy and FOX news…you suck!!! Yea, it’s all in our heads, our BLOOD(want a transfusion??), our muscles, our nerves… you ALL need more education, but I guess an education won’t fix STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. To the Queen of Spain –

    Thank you SO much for writing this open letter to that so-called “Judge”. The only thing she does is judge people and belittle them in public for drama and that is why she gets so many viewers, because people like watching other people’s drama to forget their own.

    I too, have been fighting against this woman’s hateful words and lumping us Lupus patients in with drug addicts and alcoholics, I have been passing around the petition; been calling CBS higher-ups, and even “Submitted a case” against her on her own shows website so that she hears about it since she won’t read “negative mail.”
    I love the idea of contacting her shows sponsors as well, it worked against Rush Limbaugh, so I am going to look into doing that as well.

    Also if she were truly an informed Judge and knew the laws she’d know that drug addiction and alcoholism are not considered reasons to qualify for Disability according to the SSA.

    I am also going to link this blog to my facebook page and to my “Lupie” groups so they too can see it. Thank you for writing something so eloquently and I wish infinite spoons to all who here who have posted their stories about dealing with Lupus.

  37. thinks the judge should live a day with lupus at it’s worst , she will def sing a different tune . ., judge judy need to be educated by a lupus doc

  38. Erin Eyster-McKain says:

    Dear Judge Judy. I have severe Fibromyalgia and bulging discs in my back. I would love to be back to work so my husband doesnt have to work so hard, I would lve to be outside running around practicing baseball, soccer or swimming with my kids. I cant. I think you should be dropped from tv like Paula Deen was. They said she discriminated against African Americans well you discriminate against those with a disability or disorder whatever you want to call it. Trust me I am sure all of us would like our bodies to go back to the way we were. I feel bad your daughter in law doent have a mother in law who is supportive. Hopefully your son is.

  39. kathleen sussman says:

    i also suffer from chronic back problems,fibro,etc since 1990 due to my wc injury while working as an RN & went out officially since 1995-I I worked while still in pain like many of you-I watch her faithfully daily since I am pretty much homebound & unable to have kids R/T this…NOW YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HATE ME-She is not picking on people like US!! SHE IS TALKING ABOUT THE FRAUDS & ABUSERS,THE GENERATIONS OF SCAMMERS WHO ABUSE THESE “SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS FOR US”!!! -I have witnessed these “entitled frauds” professionally & personally!! She worked in the Bronx >30yrs as a family court judge-believe me she witnessed so much rampant “system abuse”!! Even mentioning P.Deen is ridiculous-when I personally witnesed so many legit sick people getting screwed in regards to benefits while witnessing blatant “benefit fraud” from WELL ABLE BODIED & PROUD ABUSERS IT TICKS YOU OFF-especially when there isn’t a damn thing being done about it!!! It’s not PC & the media would have a field day about it aka P.Deen!!! If had you ever seen this being done everyday for years-you would more likely think like US!! Everytime you are denied medical,social care/aid-take a good look @ some of “those” who get it-how about the food stamp Walmart fiasco last weekend in CA?? Google it-these “entitled” are ruining it for us taxpayers!!!! I live in NY-we have the most generous social service benefits in the country-when you see such rampant abuse & a very elderly person who worked hard their whole lives is told you have too much=house & watching them struggle gets to you!! If you don’t believe me-research this all on your computer & you maybe will start to see & think differently on some of these issues before judging & convicting JUDGE JUDY LIKE PAULA DEEN-The media is NOT IMPARTIAL-we don’t get unbiased news anymore-sadly….She actually is ON OUR SIDE-she wants to get rid of the deadbeat abusers-JUST LIKE ME!!! I am ON YOUR SIDE & WEAR YOUR SHOES EVERYDAY!! I just want the system to be more honest,fair, & use it like it was intended for-not as a career for the lazy!!

  40. JENNIFER MEIN says:

    I was diagnosed with Lupus three years ago. Since diagnosis I have endured endless appointments, medications, missing out on various social activities with my family and friends. Having to think each time I leave my house do I have all medication, enough sunscreen to bath in, my walker/wheelchair … These items I list because they are now part of my life and NO amount of tears I cry or how hard I pray will change this. Three years ago I hadn’t long been married, the world was at our feet. Then I got ill, and became worse and worse. So much so that deep down I thought I was dying. It took months and months of agonizing tests and various drs before I finally knew what I was facing. Do you know what it’s like Judge Judy to go to bed at night praying the drs are wrong. Do you know what it’s like to wake each morning feeling like you have been hit by a bus, take endless drugs and still feel unwell ? Do you know what it’s like to live with an illness that is so fickle in nature that each flare could mean irreversible damage to your major organs ? I think not. As a person whom is meant to be professional and argued we all need to take personal responsibility I would ask that you now take personal responsibility for your inept judgement on branding people who are sick as the same as drug users. I would ask you this Judge Judy … What you have done by making these remarks is upset a group of people whom have enough to deal with day to day without listening to bigoted remarks such as you have made. I have a wonderful supportive family and close group of friends I find it heartbreaking that your daughter-in-law doesn’t have the same support. And as your a judge you should be aware of the laws on disability discrimination … If not I suggest you refresh your memory.

  41. Beautifully said, my friend.

  42. Yup, she’s a bitch!

  43. Ignorance is bliss. There are a lot of people in this world blissful when it comes to cronic pain and illnesse welcome to the state of bliss judge judy.

    Educate yourself before you speak.

  44. Well said!!!!
    I’ll with hold any other comment as they may be offensive to some readers.

  45. I suffer from Lupus & suffer is the right word, most days are a struggle

  46. Im 60 this Sat. and have suffered from neuropathy for nearly 10 yrs. now.The type i have is unknown—they are thinking now i may also have MSA which is multiple systems atrophy,meaning my life expectancy is maybe 7 yrs. Ive had cancer,only one kidney.Ive had 3 stints in my heart,but i guess to her im not disabled either. The pain i have 24/7 is unbearable to the point i cry myself to sleep. Im on 17 different meds. including of course my potent pain meds. But to her i guess im a druuggie too,bcause i have to go to Pain Mgt. Id give anything to work and not hurt as i do. I get 1200 a mos. so yea im a dead-beat to her i guess!!! She’s a NUT!! I feel for all of us i really do. Shame on her to say the least.!!!!!!!!

  47. Judge Judy is a napoleanna complex who has gotten too big for her britches. SHE IS often wrong bias and ignorant. I BURIED a 23 yesr old at my church with lupus. 6 years it devastated her heart kidneys hips…..I have had it 40 years since 18…I worked in pain every day for 20 years as a nurse loss three babies/pregnancy re lupus. SUFFERING NOW RE UNRELENTING NERVE PAIN. JUDGE JUDYwalk in my pain riddled body bone day youvwill change your tune.

  48. Well written letter.

  49. To Cat C: The doctor who closed his practice (one that was treating you) may not be able to treat you anymore, but your records are stored somewhere, and should be able to be retrieved. All medical records are stored somewhere after a doctor closes his practice. I have had the practice of asking for copies of everything I have done when I visit my doc, so I can file them at home.

  50. I was appalled by her statement. I don’t have Lupus but suffer from many other disorders that make life difficult. Nine major knee surgeries (including 3 replacements) in my left leg, one surgery on my right leg requiring 13 separate incisions. I also have COPD (never smoked a day in my life) and severe arthritis through my entire spine. I am allergic to most pain meds and because of the severe reactions I have they don’t even want to try the rest. So after my last knee replacement I was sent home with 800mg Motrin for pain control. I could not work from a young age so do not qualify for SSD and my husband makes JUST over the amount for me to receive any other help. We are thankful that my husband can work and we have good insurance through him. I have had people make comments when I get out of my car in a handicap parking spot. People just don’t understand that not all disabilities are instantly visible. Not all disabled people use a wheelchair. If I were in front of Judge Judy, just by looking at me she would not be able to see my pain. So I guess in her limited mind I’m not really disabled. Just know Erin that there are others out there who understand.

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