Oh…its gunna burst alright

There are days when everything is so close to perfect you just can’t help but think how lucky you are. Today, my little royal heirs played together. I know that may not seem like a big deal. But during the time the Count allowed the Princess to hold his new Shimmer toy and showed her how it “hang a hong like dis babee hawa” (sang a song like this, baby hala) my heart was so filled with love for these little creatures that it nearly burst. Sometimes…too often really…I forget to catch those moments. And today I’m thankful I was paying attention.


  1. Thankfully there are folks out there like you – I would’ve run screaming in the other direction. [GRIN]

    You can probably tell I’m not a ‘family type’. Too selfish, too immature…I’ve often marveled that my mother didn’t stuff all 4 of us into a sack and throw us into the river. I don’t think I could’ve blamed her…

    But you’re surely giving ME a smile.


  2. Flattery will get you everywhere my new friend. Thanks. Honestly sometimes I think the Kaiser and I are still too selfish and still too immature…but here we are…

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