Seeing red

You know the kids you see at the grocery store…the ones dressed as Batman or Cinderella months after Halloween??? Well, add mine to the list, except he’s wearing my not-so-cheap Poleci dress. No, the Count isn’t cross dressing. He’s flying.

Back in the day before two kids and one income, I bought a gorgeous, sheer, fire engine red Poleci from one of the little boutiques here in SoCal. It was back in the day when I also thought money grew on trees and my debt would just magically disappear.

I wore the dress on my honeymoon. The lightness of the fabric made it flutter in the Tahitian breeze. The dress and its fabric still flutter, to be sure. But its now hooked to the back of my toddler. And if you hum the Superman theme song, he’ll run from one end of the living room to the other, over and over again, with that red, red Poleci flying behind him.

It just seemed to make more sense to me, as I grabbed it off the hanger and helped it onto my son, that he wear it, instead of just letting it sit in the back of my closet. I’m guessing there are a few childless women out there cringing right now. And you same women might swear on your Malono’s that you’d NEVER make that same decision. But I promise you, when your almost three-year old is tugging at your pants wanting a cape…and you rifle through your closet looking for anything appropriate, you won’t even think twice about that silly red dress. And how it looks a million times more fabulous on your toddler than it ever did on you.


  1. GRING!!! Yes, in my far off land I bought wonderful, beautiful expensive shoes— bad habit but pretty feet I had. LOL… and now my son walks in them scootin’ about so he can have better sword fights with my husband. Again GRING! But he’s never worn them to the grochery store… LOL….

  2. I never had the shoe thing too bad. I don’t know why. I should have. But I was much more into the fancy shmancy designer t-shirts. Why, I have to idea. Maybe I should develope a shoe thing. The kids won’t go to college, but I’ll have very cute feet!!

  3. And WHERE are the pictures?

  4. Sadly, very sadly, the digital camera has died. The replacement will be coming in a few weeks.

  5. Doubt if there’s anything in my closet my kids would have WANTED to dress up in as I never had gorgeous stuff even before I had kids.

    But my 10 year old stole my favorite bathrobe. It fits her and she won’t give it back. Does that count?

  6. Absolutely!

  7. What a visual I have. How nice of you to share. Heh.

  8. hmm that made me imagine a little. lol it sounds like he had fun. very cute.

  9. I can see him running up the candy isle in my mind’s eye. It’s pretty darn cute, let me tell ya!

  10. I needed a laugh this morning… thanks for sharing that story!

    You are truly a mom in every sense of the word 🙂 And I mean that in the best of ways, girlfriend!

  11. See…who needs a digital camera??? Actually, as soon as ours is here, I’ll photograph the dress on the kid. Its a pretty funny site.

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