Prom Queen ’89

In all the fuss of babies walking and Santa and stuff, we forgot to tell everyone there is a new design up at the QUEEN STORE!

The Kaiser and I think Prom Queen ’89 is hilarious. And it came out really good…all navy and faded. Go check it out!

Also, a word of warning…we got a new camera. I’m sure many, many “awwww” photos of the Count and the Princess will be coming. Soon.


  1. That is funny! I should get one, it’ll take years off of my real age! 😉

    You two look soo cute – I love awwwww pictures, so snap away. What kind of camera did you get?

  2. Laurie stole my question. What did you get?

  3. We got another Cannon Elph, digital. But we upgraded from our last one. ITs a (I’m reading the camera now) PowerShot SD0400. I don’t have any idea what that means.

    Happy Birthday to us! Its a combined gift from our parents.

  4. Cool new T! BTW, my Mommylicious arrived today! Check out the photo on my blog!

  5. Very nice Ms. M!

  6. I love that design. Totally creative. It rocks.

  7. The Kaiser will be thrilled to hear it, THankS!

  8. its really cute but it would make me older than what i am cause i was only 2 in 89!

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