She will be the death of me

Anyone else have a 14-month-old daredevil? Anyone? Anyone?

Are girls just more adventurous? Do they have no fear?

Please note her scabbing nose. That was from a tumble on the front sidewalk.

Of course it does not compare to the last trip to the ER, but hey…at least this one looks worse than it really is.

I really don’t know what to do with her. Other than tie her down. And duct tape her ever yammering mouth…you know, for good measure.


  1. Ha ha ha! Go, Peanut! No, this is not gender-specific. Sweet Pea is SO careful, and has never been a climber. She still sits down to go down steps, and she’s nearly 3! But I do hear a lot of people saying that their second child is much more fearless than the first.

  2. I’ll take some picures of Jack on the shelf unit, chairs, couches, tables and computers for you. He doesn’t have scabby nose, but he did have a nice rug burn on his forehead from a header off the end table next to the couch.

  3. Cordy has always had no fear. Just last week she was running full force and forgot about two steps, falling flat on her face.

    Today she bit her tongue when climbing out of the recliner. Of course, her preferred method of climbing out is to side head-first over the arm of the chair, fall head first onto the carpet, then laugh.

  4. That’s all fine and good, but are you making sure that you’re depriving her of education? I certainly hope so. Because you know those bloggers…geez. They’re so SELFISH. 😉

    Peanut’s awful cute even with a scabby nose. What a cool scar to show to the boys someday!

    Oops. Bet you weren’t thinking about that just yet.

  5. Glad to see I’m not alone! My daredevil is 15 months, and (knock on every piece of wood available) we haven’t had a trip to the ER. Yet.

    She walks up and down stairs with only one hand on the wall or my jeans. She climbs on the chairs. And on the table.
    And out of her crib. We finally had to take the railing off.

    Now she has a little crib/daybed she loves to climb into and out of. If I’m there in front of her, she will jump off, with no doubt in her little baby mind that I will catch her.

    Our nose bump came in the parking lot on a wet day. The Impling was a bit overconfident in her cute ladybug puddlestompers.

    We live at the park/playground now. It saves both our sanity.

  6. Hatchling is constantly covered in bruises. Currently, he has a nice line of them running up his spine. I suspect they are from trying to arch his way out of the shopping cart. I only hope the social workers don’t notice them during our home visit this weekend!

  7. My son was sporting the exact same look about six weeks ago. He’s still got the really pink skin coming in on his nose!

  8. No doubt about the daring girl thing – my two year old boy will only now dip his toes in the pool independently. My 9 month old girl keeps trying to dive to the bottom – and LOVES when she gets her head under?!?

  9. Sounds like our girls are soul mate friends. She’s 15mo old and has taken a digger down the stairs so many times. She usually laughs it off and I think that scares me more. I’m telling you, middle school will be the death of me. She is gonna terrorize her older brother (and his friends) and when he tries to protect her from dumb boys (hopefully in high school not middle) she’s gonna beat him up. I’m so afraid for my husband, my son and I.

    AND she has red hair and the tempermant. Yay for us.


  10. Have you not heard? SHE is the PRINCESS! -whispers- She’s gonna do what she wants…

    I don’t have a daughter just yet, but my little boy is the 21 month old Evil Knevil (or however it’s spelled). He took a flying leap off the couch in an attempt to catch the dog. Huge scratch mark on his forehad. Murphy is pretty good at backing off except not when he’s pounced on. I swear I almost passed out.

  11. I think it’s irrevelant whether it’s a girl or boy… these toddlers are CRAZY!!! I’ve often said that I was grateful X isn’t in school yet cause they’d think I was abusing him, what with all the bruising and scabbing! Little klutzes…
    Also, your peanut is so adorable… and MY GOSH… she is like a mini-you!! So stinkin’ cute!

  12. I’ll see your 14-month-old and raise you two 2-year-olds and a 3.5-year-old … who, just at this precise moment, love to FIGHT with each other.

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