Shiney New Blog

mhouse 006.jpgThe Queen requests you update your blogrolls to reflect the change. Yes, that’s

The Queen also admits she has no idea how to work this wordpress thingy. So she’s off to shave her royal poon instead.

As you can plainly see, she’s already f’d up the photo sizes. Not to mention the post that was here a few hours ago, plugging the UBER fabbbuuu BLOGME (oh, lookie there, we made a link) craziness that will occur on Monday.

IF we (that’s the Royal WE) can figure this out by then.

I will be at Blogher and DotMoms this weekend. Just for the hell of it, I may post at Draft Day Suit, too. Kick off the new homebase blog with a bang.


  1. Queen of Spain says:

    tap tap tap

    is this thing on?

  2. Hi Queen!
    I love the new look. I totally don’t understand all the nuances of fancy blogging, so I don’t know what you did, but it looks great. I look forward to reading your blog every day. 🙂

  3. You gave me a heart attack. You said I’ll be at BlogHer this weekend…I thought I had fucked up the dates and I was flipping out for 3 or 4 seconds.

  4. I’m hoping that you, me, Sarah, and Elizabeth can get together and learn more about WordPress. I learn better in person.

    It’s still so shiny and pretty. I’m afraid I’ll leave fingerprints on it. Like I’m not supposed to touch it.

    “Royal poon”.
    *howling with laughter

  5. Love the new look!!

  6. I freaking adore it. I like this black background better than your old template. I have to be honest. That’s just me. I’m updating the blogroll! I can’t wait to unleash mine. Emily and Rebecca are working on it!

  7. Hey,
    As a fellow DotMom contributor, I’ve enjoyed cruising your site and love your look.
    I’ll be back!

  8. Very nice! I keep thinking about switching to WordPress, but I’m still too scared that I’ll screw it up. I wish WP had some decent manuals with screen caps I could look at before making the jump.

  9. I want someone to blog about the pros, cons, and motivating factors for moving to/from the paid the free blogging software to/from the paid services. Because, really? I don’t get it. And aside from maybe one or two notable exceptions, it does not affect my blog-reading experience one whit.

    So there, there’s an assignment. Go for it. But talk to me like I’m 6 years old, please.

  10. Ooh! Love me the new digs! Congrats your royal highness! Will definitely be updating the blogroll! Fo sho!

  11. we’ve updated our blogroll. Love the new kingdom over here. Or should we call it a Queendom?

  12. Ok, I thought I had lost you for a bit. You were there and then you weren’t. (My fault, forgot to update my bloglines.) Got ya now.
    Happy housewarming. (The plant will have to be just a thought for now.)

  13. congrats on the new blog. love the new colors et al.

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