The Huffington Post and the Queen of Spain

I am pleased to announce my new partnership with

the Huffington Post.

Please head on over there now, and read until McDonalds and Hummer are bankrupt, Target stops selling “Flirty” T-shirts to six-year-olds or I have nothing left to bitch about.

And you all know when that will be. *cough cough NEVER cough cough*


  1. Congrats Queen and great job as usual. Keep giving them hell!

  2. Congratulations! I liked that post, and I’m glad it will be read by a wider audience.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    The comments have started over there. Make sure you chime in.

    I should got tell people I didn’t actually swear in front of my kid. Although I really think words are just words. But…fuck em if they can’t read my tone.

  4. Wow! Congratulations. That’s so studly!

  5. LOL! Oh good grief! I just saw some of the comments on your post over at Huffington!

    Me thinks there are some that don’t have much in the way of a sense of humor… or maybe they just don’t know you well enough to know when you’re kidding. Wow. Maybe you need a disclaimer at the top or something… Nah!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. i got yer back, sister.
    ps are you still living on florida time?

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Would it be tacky for me to clarify that I really didn’t swear in front of my kids? I think it would be. It’s like not feeding the trolls, I guess. But Gunky girl…go get my back if you wanna! I need some love over there!

    And yeah, I’m trying to adjust…but it’s hard.

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    By the way, I AM JESUS with the money changers.

    Now if I could only figure out that water/wine thing, we’d party and do it around here ALL THE TIME.

    Sorry, no offense. I just couldn’t resist.

  9. Go Queen with your Huffingon Post-y bad self! I left a comment there, too. You rock!

  10. MY POST DIDN’T SHOW UP OVER THERE! i’m glad you said that – uuurrgh! it was good. now i have to think again. gimme a minute . . .

  11. Absolute, unabashed, giddy congratulations. I honor you.

  12. Congratulations, Erin! This is big! I feel like I know a celebrity. Can I have your autograph? I’ve been reading the HP for ages!

    -hugs and clinking of champagne glasses-

    🙂 You go girl!

  13. Wow, very cool. No wonder you didn’t want to hang out with me when you were in FL. You’re all bigheaded now. :p

  14. Holy shit, that’s awesome! Now I must go read the blogtard comments.

  15. I am not the least bit surprised! Congratulations dah-ling!

  16. Woohoo! Nice job! That post deserves a massive audience 🙂

  17. Give ’em hell,honey! Congrats! I look forward to following you there.

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