I sobbed on my husband’s shoulder begging for relief…

when. when will we catch a break? it all has to stop. it just has to stop. now. i can’t take this any more. it’s not fair. when will it stop?

It may have been one of my worst moments dealing with the news that one of my most beloved Aunts has been moved to hospice and it’s only a matter of time.

Hala and Aunt Georgiann

I got the kids to school and went immediately to see my doctor and was told I am not healthy enough to travel. So when the time comes, I can’t be there. I can’t be with my family who needs me and I can’t say good bye. I can’t read at her funeral like she read at my wedding and I am so very tired of all the ‘can’ts’ in my life.

I have spent 48 hours keeping myself in check while the kids are looking, so I don’t scare them anymore with my tears. I have told them and my husband and my brother and my cousins just how much I love them over and over because I am so very tired of losing people that mean so very much and I refuse the miss out on letting those I love KNOW that I love them.

I have thought about how to best pay my respects to my Aunt who did nothing but give herself, her life, to everyone else. She was there for me always. She was my sponsor for my confirmation. She never missed a birthday or a holiday or any of my surgeries with a card or a pair of pjs or even some flowers. We had this love of sunflowers together. And we’d send them to each other whenever we could.

When the time comes I am in charge of making sure there are sunflowers at her funeral. From me. It’s a task I dread and yet will do with love. For her. Because it’s all I can do.

My kids didn’t get nearly enough time with her. They knew she always sent ornaments at Christmas and gifts for their birthdays. They remember the summer in Michigan fishing off the docks. They know her from our wedding photos, and how she was so nervous reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning for me. But she did it, for me.

My other Aunt held the cell phone to her ear for me the other night and I rambled off as much as I could when you only have a few moments to say everything you’d like to say over a lifetime. I told her I loved her. But I also begged her to fight. And then I eventually told her I would see her soon.

I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye.

For as long as I can remember she was one of the remaining relatives who went to Mass every Sunday. So I did the only thing I knew to do and packed up the kids and headed to our local church to light a candle for her. And the doors were locked. The church doors were locked.

I was so angry the doors of a church were locked when I needed to light that candle. I had to light that candle. Didn’t they know my Aunt was dying? Didn’t they understand that lighting a candle was all I could do? Who locks church doors? Shouldn’t they be open so people can pray whenever they need to pray? Or light a candle to Mary or any other Saint they choose?

I can’t believe that not only am I unable to get on a plane to be with my family in Detroit, but I can’t even manage to light a candle. Failure thy name is Erin.

Just this once, I am asking the universe for a break. Let her pass without suffering. Let her be at peace. And please let my family be comforted. She was a selfless woman, who deserves that much. And my family has been through enough.

I love you Aunt Georgiann.

Make Me

There is a tremendous amount of talk about how women balance work, children…life.

I tend to give the same answer every time I am asked “How do you balance everything?”

I don’t.

But I am learning. Part of that learning has been the revelation that I need to take control. I need to take control of my emotions as I travel for business and miss my children. I need to take control of my household when I plan for summer camps, babysitters, and appointments, and I need to take control of how it all goes down.

That means thinking outside the box, saying NO more than usual, and finding ways to make it work.

Trust me, sometimes it feels really good to say no, and it feels really good to find solutions.

Next week I’m packing up my minivan and taking the kids to work WITH ME in Northern California. I’ve hired a sitter remotely (thanks VDog), I’ve mapped out nearby parks, and I’ll be using my hands-free headset to take conference calls on the road.

Sometimes we Moms just do what we gotta. And I’m tired of feeling guilty, feeling like it’s nothing but chaos around here, and just getting by while the laundry piles up, the permissions slips forgotten, or the kids sigh or even cry as they get the short end of the stick while Mom and Dad work their asses off.

Time to take control, and take charge of this chaos. I’m done compromising. First a business trip with kids in tow, and then we’re headed to Michigan where family will help for the summer.

And the next time you ask me how I balance it all…I’m going to give a different answer.

It’s Not Over Yet

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I Want It To Be Sebelius


She’s the Democratic Governor of KANSAS. You know that KANSAS and she’s getting things done.

Read more about Gov. Sebelius at MOMocrats, Huffington Post, Salon and the Governor’s official site.

Can this country handle that much change?

I sure hope so.

Mom, Governor, Blue Woman in a Red State…

Obama/Sebelius ’08!

*with all the Kaine and Biden talk, I just wanted to make sure it was clear who I was backing!

Dear Senator Hillary Clinton, Please Step Down (the re-post)

 It seemed only appropriate that on the day where Senator Obama may get all the delegates he needs to end this primary race, I reiterate my call to Senator Clinton.

A  lot has changed since I wrote this post on February 12, 2008. I no longer have the respect for the Senator I once did. I no longer trust her campaign or her motives. My first inkling was way back when she swore she wasn’t running for office, or for the senate, or for president. And those Clinton haters wouldn’t buy it for a second. Here we are in 2008 and she’s a Senator from New York and a presidential hopeful.

Fool me once.

I’ve seen sexism played out against her, and I’ve seen her use it to her advantage. The Clinton campaign has denied gender is an issue and played the victim of misogyny on the same day, out-loud, in the media.

I have even watched her use the GOP fear-tactics we all have rallied against in the current administration.

Yet time and time again I’ve wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Time and time again, with my anger boiling over, I’ve conceded that she’s tough and brilliant.

She is not the candidate I thought I knew when this race began, and if Senator Clinton cares at all about winning back my respect or at the very least making sure there is a Democrat in the White House-she will finally, and with  all the humility she can muster, step down.

I do not believe she has the ‘popular vote’ because she is not counting caucus voters.

I do not believe she can sway any remaining superdelegates without having them turn on the voters they represent.

I do not believe she deserves the full seating of MI and FL at the convention. I am not arguing what the states deserve. I am arguing what her campaign deserves. And we all know Clinton flip-flopped on those states when it was clear she needed them to win. Normally one would call that ‘dirty campaign tricks’ and by far something done far and wide by politicians.  I’m over the far and wide way politicians do things and how we, far and wide, just accept it as normal.

This post was written months ago with emotion and conflict. It was written in the heat of the moment, while speeches played on the tv in front of me.

Instead of yelling. Instead of getting really angry again. Instead of using hate, I am simply going to re-post.

You can find the original post and it’s comments here.

This is a very hard letter for me to write, so please bear with me.

I’d like to ask you, with all due respect and humility, to step down as a Democratic Candidate for President of the United States.

Please understand this is not because I believe you can not or should not lead this nation. Please understand that I find you qualified, capable, and worthy. Please also understand I want nothing more than to see a female as the leader of the free world. I would be pleased and honored if you were that female.

However I am finding, right or wrong, many citizens of this country seem to react to you on an emotional level. Emotional, not practical. They can’t seem to see your record. They can’t seem to see your policy. They just hear or read “Hillary” and venom or praise spews.

I thought that with your candidacy, would come reason. I thought that you would be able to get a fair shake by main stream media, by voters, by sexists, and by soccer moms. I thought over time people would begin to see that you really are an effective politician.

I was wrong.

Tonight, I’m typing as I watch you speak in El Paso, Texas. I’m sad. There really is no other way to put it-I’m sad.

I truly believed you would be the best person for the job, and I had this nagging thought in the back of my mind that is now at the forefront. The thought that drove me on Super Tuesday to Vote for Senator Obama and the thought that is the driving force as I write tonight: Senator Hillary Clinton divides this country.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. And under just about ANY other circumstance I would go to the mat for you. However we are a wounded and deeply divided nation. We are a nation at war. We are a nation at odds with each-other. It’s ugly. I thought you could get people past it. I really did.

When I told myself it was gender that got people going, I refrained from asking and wanting you to step aside. Simply on principle, I wanted to see you run and win because they said it couldn’t be done. Because it was my belief, this was all about being a girl.

It’s not, and I was wrong.

I firmly believe while the gender issue has given you a handicap I hope we all one day overcome, it is NOT the reason people have a gut reaction to you or your campaign or your legacy.

Enter the Senator from Illinois, and what I think could be your true legacy. If you were to step aside now, shockingly early and shockingly un-Hilllary-like, you could galvanize an entire nation behind your party. If you were to throw your weight, and your tremendous political clout behind Senator Obama you could still change the world and make your mark in a way no one would expect and everyone would admire.

I don’t want to see you throw in the towel because the fight is too hard or the mountain too tall. I am asking you to throw it in because history is on the line. It is not the history either of us expected, however it is an equally important, momentous, earthshaking change in this country we sorely need.

Do something no one would ever expect. Do something extraordinary. Do something that changes politics as usual and changes history.

I could have never predicted having to chose between what my husband called “the lesser of two goods, not the lesser of two evils” when it came time to cast my vote.

It was agonizing.

But in the end, with no major policy difference and valid reasons on BOTH sides, I had to go with the candidate who I thought could best bring our nation back together. Who could cross party lines and gender lines and racial lines.

I wanted it to be you, but it’s not. For some reason you still get people very riled up, and not in the good way.

There is no way around it-it sucks. But after 7 years of nothing but fighting and head shaking and feeling like we’re living in two Americas, I can’t do it again. Not even if my team is in office.

I really hate asking you to do this, but I want you to please step down and let this nation heal.

We’ve been too angry for too long and your history and your name brings a suitcase of anger to the White House front door.

With the full weight of the Clinton name, behind the scenes, your true legacy could be written. With the full weight of the Clinton know-how you could help orchestrate the next chapter in American history where an African-American leads our nation.

It is this time in history your nation needs you.

As nation’s go, ours has never been one to do things the way we predict. Who could have seen when we finally get our first, legitimate, female front runner we’d see our first, legitimate front runner of color?

Our nation and it’s people need you to do what is best for this country. We need you to be true to what you say on the stump and bring us back together.

If you firmly believe that there is still time for you to change the hearts and minds of those rude and stubborn Americans who are voting with their gut when they see “Hillary” on the ballot-then please, prove me wrong. I’ll be at the Democratic National Convention come August and I’ll hold up my Hillary sign loud and proud and fall in line.

But I think you’ve tried. You tried with everything you had to overcome that Clinton-emotional reaction. Here we are, moving into Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania-and it’s not you winning over hearts and minds, it’s the Senator from Illinois.

Let’s end the division in this country now. Right now. Let’s start with the Democratic Party early and provide a united front against the GOP months ahead of schedule.

Let’s take back this country for the people, with you playing a much different role than you envisioned.

Make history. Make us one. Step down now.


Erin Kotecki Vest

voter, mother, woman, feminist, writer, dreamer, and Hillary fan

The Business of Mommyblogging

I’m getting myself very out of sorts lately following all the J&J, Disney drama. It has nothing to do with who got invited, who got snubbed, who got an email, who got a pitch, who is going, who is staying silent.


It has everything to do with the buzz word of the moment: ‘brand.’

Queen of Spain Blog is a brand. CityMama is a brand. Sarah and the Goon Squad is a brand. Mom101 is a brand. Karen Sugarpants is a brand. Table for Five is a brand. Suburban Oblivion is a brand.

From Heather Armstrong to Sparks and Butterflies to those of you getting 3 hits a day-2 of which are your husband-YOU ARE A BRAND.

I didn’t believe it either, then all these other people told me. Not that I needed them telling me, it was just the wake-up call to a slumber that started somewhere in San Jose about 2006 when I was cornered between a Weight Watcher representative, a Disney PR person, and a cameraman, all while nursing my daughter in the middle of a conference.

The proof is not in the community we’ve created. The proof is not in the ad checks we receive. The proof is not in the press or the interviews or the issuing of credentials to important functions.

The proof, my dear friends, is in the shift in corporate America.

Remember when we used to say “if only they knew how great and powerful we are they’d partner with us and pay to have us use their shit and we’ll all live happily every after!”

Guess what-they know. They know, they’re pitching, and they are finding you a wide-eyed doe in an open field. Not that I don’t love my does, but it is time to be re-educated in Mommyblogging. More important the BUSINESS of Mommyblogging.

I don’t know about you, but when I started Queen of Spain it was because I was at home with kids and needing something. I needed to get out my fears and my frustrations. I needed to talk about what I loved about being a mother, what I loathed about being a mother, and I needed to find other mothers like me to talk more about what we liked about being mothers, what we loathed about being mothers, and so on and so on.

Very few of us went into this thinking we were doing anything other than writing, finding friends, talking shop. Even fewer of us went into this realizing we were creating a business.

I want you to understand in no uncertain terms: Mommyblogging is a business.

I know half of you are shaking your heads and saying things like “I’m not really here for that, I just want to lament about potty training and gab with my girlfriends and maybe make a few extra bucks to pay a few bills.”

While all of that is true, understand you have graduated from “make a few extra bucks” to “they want us so bad they are sending us on all expense paid trips, filling our inboxes with press releases (fyi PR peeps-I’m not the New York Times I’m a mommyblog. If I were a reporter your release might come in handy, in my email-not so much) and partnering with some of us to consult, sit on a focus group, even blog on their corporate website.

You. Are. A. Business.

Here’s the problem: most of us don’t know shit about business (myself included) and they are taking advantage of our ignorance.

I’m sorry ladies, truth hurts. You’re getting snowed, fleeced, taken, abused, used.

I am too. Correction, I was.

I am the first to admit I want an open and transparent partnership with companies that come a courtin’. But I want it at market value. If my market is WOMEN ONLINE, what’s the value?

Recently I about lost my mind reading a very sweet post over at the LadyBug and her Blogging Mama. It’s something that has popped up a few times on many of the blogs discussing all the recent PR and marketing dust ups.

The idea goes if we are not nice to corporate muckity mucks, and if we don’t mind our Ps and Qs like good little girls, none of us will get flown anywhere, ever again, and we’ll be stuck to wallow in our silly little community. In other words: ‘you Mommybloggers need to quit your bitching or the big boys and their big money are going to go away.’


As you can imagine I started to type a rather half-crazed response, when I noticed something else over at Self-Made Mom’s comment section,

“This Disney event was a test, one that now may not soon be duplicated.”-Maria Bailey

Now for those who don’t know, Maria is paid by Disney to arrange these sorts of meetings. Maria contacted me in September of last year to attend a similar event for Halloween. We went. We had fun. Apparently no one objected to it being held on Satan’s Holiday and all went off without a hitch.

I too have consulted, and have gotten paid, by Disney to help them better understand Mommyblogs.

They paid me $6,000 for what essentially amounted to a few emails, a survey, and a meeting. (that last sentence is called being TRANSPARENT-goes right along with that ‘brand’ word we discussed at the beginning)

But here is the important part and why I am pointing out Maria’s quote- “…one that may not soon be duplicated…” which, in my opinion, implies Disney told her to this isn’t going to happen again if we keep yapping on our blogs.

Despite the fact that I’m a bit confused by this is an ‘experiment’ when I did something similar months upon months ago and it was a huge success, (and they did something in Palo Alto awhile back too) I’m more confused by Disney possibly not wanting to connect with influential Moms. Or the idea that companies don’t want to come inside social media and use us as their advertising because we might actually talk back.

At what point did I miss them not needing Moms. Are you seriously trying to backhandedly threaten me, and imply Disney doesn’t need Moms? Are you telling me Johnson and Johnson doesn’t need Moms to buy their baby shampoo too? Maybe they will market J&J babywash to single males instead??

If sales are dropping dramatically for magazines, if viewership has dropped dramatically for television, if MILLIONS OF MOTHERS ARE NOW ONLINE READING AND WATCHING AND CONSUMING are you really trying to tell me my mouth is what is going to drive them back into their corporate headquarters???!!!

“Oh, shit! Those Moms have OPINIONS! Holy fuck! Quick-get me the best team in the world and let’s figure out how to get all those Moms offline and BACK watching Days of Our Lives because marketing to a person as opposed to throwing a shitty 30 second spot together is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard!”

…and then Mr. CEO realizes we still hold the pursestrings and he doesn’t have a motherfreaking choice. He has to assemble that social media team to come play by our rules or we’re buying the organic shampoo at half the price a friend of a friend blogged about last week.

My latest and greatest concern in this entire Mommyblogging Coming Out party is very simple: don’t be a sucker. I too have been a sucker, don’t be me.

Take the free trip but take it knowing what it means for your brand. Take the free box of diapers understanding this is a business deal. Treat all of this not like a star-struck fan, happy to get some bibs in the mail, treat it LIKE A BUSINESS.

They want you to blog their product? Charge them for ad space. They want to know if you think other Mommybloggers will like their new website? Charge them a consulting fee.

And for good measure, you might want to know who you are dealing with on the other end. They want a piece of the action too, and allegedly don’t mind stretching the truth to get it.

This is business, not personal. This is about me saying ‘yes, I help out and if I ask you about using our new ad format -this is business.’ This is about you saying ‘yes, I’m blogging this humidifier because some PR company sent it to me, and they followed up with 30 emails and I’m afraid if I don’t say Vic’s Humidifier on my blog they may never send me anything again.’

This is also about realizing the true value of our community and what it’s become. Make no mistake, they need you-make them treat you appropriately.

If they give you shit, send them to me.

Roseanne Barr Can Suck It

Because I like to drop large bombs before I skip town, please enjoy this piece here, at MOMocrats, and at Huffington Post as I board a flight to SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In the grand tradition of having it out with my fellow Huffington Post contributors, I figured it was time I opened my mouth at the latest post by Roseanne Barr.

You see, I’ve actually been biting my tongue on her writing thus far. Her posts have been circulated amongst colleagues and friends with subject lines like “WTF?” and “Roseanne can suck it.

Since I am very pro ‘discussion’ and ‘let’s write about it and talk’ I figured it was only fair I took on the idea of ‘Bow to the Woman‘ here in a public forum where we can all get in on the act.

I get to go first, k?

Hi Rosanne,

I’m Erin.

Like you, I love me some mouthy women. Your gal the Senator, she’s got you snowed. It’s ok, she had me under her spell for a long time too. But understand, she’s not a mouthy woman like you and I are mouthy women. Nope. She’s a power hungry elitist happy to spoon feed you what you want to hear to get your vote. Pure-bred politician. Could that be a plus? Sure. She’s on our side, right? But like many in this country I’m not really into politics as usual anymore. I’ve had it. I’m done. I don’t want the woman who can play the game with the boys, I want the woman who refuses to play the game and blazes her own path.

Senator Clinton is not blazing her own path, she’s doing what all the good old boys have done before her.

Can I just say ‘meh.’

Now onto this business of ‘Bow to the Woman’ and what not. When I first read your post I assumed it was satire. It HAS TO BE SATIRE. Because Roseanne Barr would never write something as offensive as suggesting a black man bow to a white woman…right? She certainly wouldn’t be one of Clinton’s loudest and biggest supporters saying things like, “You can’t fight back dirtier than she can…”

You can’t really be suggesting that right now, as Samantha Power sits jobless…right?

In the event your are, in fact, serious I’d like to introduce you to a few people. Meet my friends.

Let’s start with CityMama and fellow MOMocrat Stefania Pomponi Butler,

“Dear Roseanne Barr,

Forgive me for not being convinced by your argument. I have a hard time taking anyone who picked Tom Arnold for a husband seriously. “Bow to the woman?” This isn’t some sado-masochistic bedroom fantasy we’re playing out here. This is the race for the presidency. It’s not about bowing to a woman, it’s about who is most qualified to lead our country. Who inspires people young and old to get out and vote in record numbers. Who inspires record-breaking donations and moving musical tributes. $55 million raised in February alone. You betchyerass none of those donors want Obama to “bow to the woman.” I am one of those donors and I as long as I haven’t reached my $2300 limit, Barack Obama ain’t going anywhere.

Let our country heal? Please. The person who should be blamed for not letting our country heal is Polarizing (not “Premiere”) Hillary Clinton. She does not represent “the soul of the Democratic party.” Not by a long shot. She represents status quo and entrenched corporate interests. Yes, she is a woman, but she doesn’t represent me. I resent your implication that women are sitting around in their playgroups and coffee klatsches shaking their heads and tsk-tsking over the fact that Barack Obama won’t bow to the woman.

As long as we’re talking voting records, I’d like to know why Hillary hasn’t apologized for her vote for the Iraq War. And as long as we’re talking about bowing down, I’d also like to know why she bowed to George W. Bush’s will and voted for a resolution declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. Boy, that Soul of the Democratic party sure likes war! When comparing voting records, I’d like to start there.

Somewhere, in a hotel room or on a plane, Clinton advisors are huddled together wondering how they can get Roseanne Barr to STFU. Lead us, Roseanne. Show us how cooperation works: stop painting all women with the same, tired “support Hillary or else” brush. Believe it or not there are women in this country who are capable of voting for the best-qualified candidate, regardless of genitalia. And some of us will have proudly voted for two men (in my case John Edwards and Barack Obama) by the time this race is finished.”

I’d also like you to meet White Trash Mom, Michelle,

“As a card carrying White Trash Mom, it pains me to disagree with you, Roseanne. You put WT Motherhood on the map.

You have a right to your opinion because this is America. But you presume too much by saying that Obama should give up because it’s a losing battle. Or because he can’t fight as dirty as Hillary Clinton. Your ” bow to the woman” is so focused on gender and negativity that it takes away from the remarkable progress that is being made this election year.

This year, a black man and a woman are the front runners because they are the best candidates…the best PEOPLE for the job. We are finally evolving as a country, moving forward to a place where character matters more than gender or race. Since your post mentioned Dr. King, I thought I would too:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Why not let America decide which candidate has the content of character to be President.

P.S. John McCain, far from being a Nazi, is a former prisoner of war and most liberals LOVE him.

Michael Kinsley’s recent TIME column, “Why Liberals Love McCain”.,9171,1713490,00.html”

Just to mix it up a bit, here is Canadian Meg Fowler,

“I’m a Canadian — I can’t vote in the US election. And if you stop reading there, I don’t blame you.However, only the most geographically naive among us could miss that your country, Dear Americans, is right below mine. So what happens to you — politically, economically, culturally — definitely has an impact on what goes on up here. Sometimes more, sometimes less. In fact, a recent poll found that 15% of Canadians would give up their right to vote in Canadian elections to vote in the United States.

I’m one of them.

I believe that the choices you make in this upcoming election will have a profound impact on both the health and wellbeing of your own nation AND the world around you — including my own country. Full disclosure: I’m for Obama. Why? I believe he has the platform, vision, temperament, wisdom and leadership to bring your country to a far better place than the position you’re in now. I also believe Hilary could provide leadership — with a similar platform, to boot — but her ethical stances, the tenor of her campaign, and her divisive mentality don’t win me over at all.

That’s why I was so startled to read Rosanne Barr’s words on the Huffington Post about how she could bring ‘healing’ to the United States, and how Obama needs to ‘be a man’ and ‘take vice.’ There was so much irony undergirding her words that I actually thought the piece might be a joke. ‘You can’t fight back dirtier than she can’? ‘Your shrill attacks are alienating her voters’? ‘Live the dream of Dr. King’?

No, Roseanne. He WON’T fight back ‘dirty’ in her manner, because that’s a BAD thing. No, HER attacks are alienating her voters. Everything from your statements about demographics to your understanding of the political process was flawed, false, inflammatory… and increasingly in character with your hero’s campaign.

Any true feminist or believer in racial equality will tell you that the dream is to leave gender and race OUT of the vote, not to divide the party up along those lines, or to call people to act according to the colour of their skin or the parts in their panties. You are contributing to the problem, not the solution.. I support your right to support Hillary, but I hope you can come to do it on the basis of the issues and integrity.

Otherwise, you’d do well to join up with the Republicans… I hear they enjoy a good round of bad rhetoric when they’re not busy starting wars.”

How about a man’s perspective? Meet my friend Jeffrey,

“is it too much to ask Roseanne to make some of
these statements publicly (preferably while standing right next to
Clinton)? That should pretty much wrap up the nomination for
Obama. :-)”

Oh, get comfy Roseanne, I have more.

This is my friend Sue of RedStapler,

“After reading Roseanne’s opinion piece on Huffington Post, I have to assume one of two things is true. She is either

1) Stupid or
2) Evil.

Either she is so stupid that she did not realize that telling a black man to ‘bow down’ would be seen as racist and offensive, or she is so evil that she knows and does not care.”

Ammie from SleepingMommy wants to say ‘hi’ too,

“I just read Barr’s post at Huffington. Which one of Roseanne’s personalities wrote that thing anyway? What I want to know is where she gets that Clinton represents the heart of the Democratic party? I’ve spoken with too many Democrats (and Republicans and Independents) that have said they are terrified of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would do to this nation.

Not only will she divide this country because of the extreme vitriol the Republicans have directed against any and all things Clinton. (Oh how I remember the witch hunts perpetrated by the right against Bill. How will it be any different with Hillary, who served as just one of many reasons for the hatred against Bill during his term in office.) She will divide this country because people hate her. They hate her because of who her husband is, they hate her because of her overweening ambition, they hate her because she is disingenuous, they hate her because she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Ambition is good, when it is checked by reason. There doesn’t seem to be anything keeping her ambition in check, it’s driven by power hunger. And that is scary. I think that Larry David had it right in his post about the Red phone commercial.

Erin, I keep stewing on this. Couple of more things.

Barr said ‘Many of Clinton’s backers are turned off due to the shrillness of the attacks your campaign has let loose on your opponent.’

What? Shrill? With the exception of the staffer who resigned over calling Clinton a monster I can’t remember ANY shrill attacks.

Barr also says: ‘You can’t fight back dirtier than she can — it will bury your message of hope and change. It obscures the message of the people in this party!’

WHAT? HE can’t fight DIRTIER THAN SHE CAN? So. It’s okay for Clinton to fight dirty and it doesn’t obscure the message of the people in this party? And excuse me, but I think that the fact that he DOES NOT fight dirty and keeps the tone of his message positive is exactly what this party needs. It’s what makes him look good and Clinton look shrill.

One other thing: what the hell with the ‘Bow to the woman’ ?!?! Really? That’s the message supporters of Clinton want to put out there? It is exactly what will continue to turn people away from her. Militant feminazis are what give feminism and women’s equal rights a bad name.

That is all. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. I’m finished for reals now. I promise. :)”

One more, then I swear I’m done…meet Maria from PopConsumer,

“I’m done holding on to the idea that Hillary Clinton is someone I could vote for, that her election as president would represent positive change for women and that her campaign will do anything less that substantially weaken, if not destroy, the Democratic party. If this is what Clinton’s campaign for president represents then she does not speak for me, she is not winning for me (remember she said her win in Ohio was for everyone who keeps trying, not just those who voted for her) and I want no part of her campaign.”

So there you have it, Ms. Barr.

I could go on and on about your inaccuracies (insinuating Obama does not support energy independence, insinuating it was him that used the ‘monster’ term) but instead I’m going to just pretend this was ha ha funny satire.

You can’t possibly be that militant in gender issues that you’d overlook serious flaws in order to get a woman in the White House. You can’t possibly want to be that shocking to make a name for yourself and promote all that is Roseanne by entering the Election ’08 discussion.

I mean, PR for Roseanne’s brand of entertainment can’t possibly come at the expense of soldiers, uninsured Americans, or voters…could it???

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