Go Vote Mortgage Moms!

…or go get a latte. Whatever.

Either way, go  leave me a comment at the Huffington Post.


  1. What if I get a latte and then go vote?

    What if I get a latte and then go comment at the HP?

    What if I get a latte?

    The theme is this: I NEED A LATTE, DAMNIT.

  2. You are wonderful, truly wonderful!!

  3. Great post. I may not be a mortgage mom, but you covered just about everything I care about. Will/are you be writing at the Huffington Post regularly?

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    I am Suzanne! Anything you’d like me cover? Crotch wars, maybe? Hahahahahaha.

  5. I’ve been following you over at the Huffington Post. Good job, Erin.

  6. Oh that’s great! Do you have a regular schedule? Count me in as a follower.

  7. Judging from the comments over there, it looks like you’re going to have to either have to install a special “sarcasm font,” or dumb your themes down a bit…OR just keep doing what you do until everyone catches up. Which they eventually will…right?

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