…because I just can’t shut up about it

After my short post the other day on the TINY WHORES -the blogosphere went crazy with the padded bra for 6-year-olds story.

I blogged it over at the Huffington Post. Please go read it and leave your two cents. You know those readers over there…

In the meantime, I demand photos of all your daughters in their Halloween costumes. And so help me if any of them are slutty I’m flying to where you live to kick the crap out of you.

My kids will be in these:


Of course, it will be my kids and not these child models. So they will be much cuter.


  1. It’s a GREAT post Erin! Hilarious – and yet, it makes me want to run, sobbing into my daughter’s room, shedding tears over her sleeping body.

    She’s only going to be 16 months this Halloween, but we’re thinking of going Can Can Girl. Or Playboy Bunny. I mean come on, we have to get some use of of the toddler fishnets we bought.

  2. I’m hoping the snow tiger my little gal insists on won’t be too risque 😉

  3. My little boy was thinking Hugh Hefner, but instead we went with chimpanzee.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Same thing

  5. I still think people need to hold the company accountable. A fathers group pulled it off with the pussycat dolls. When you think about it … reaching a batrillion parents … or … one company.

  6. We don’t have kids yet so we are just going to stay home and hand out candy!! Hope eveyone has a great halloween!

  7. So dressing my 10 month old as a hooker for Halloween isn’t appropriate? Damn.

    I love those costumes for your kids! We’re going today to try to find one for Squeaks, before all the good ones are sold out.

  8. I was dumbfounded when I read your original post on padded bras for 6 year olds. What are they thinking? I have a 7 year old girl and would never consider buying her one of those.

    On another note – I can’t believe I actually agree with you on something! Keep it up!

  9. If I don’t have a daughter, can I show you a picture of Dawson in his cow costume?

    I miss you, Queen! I haven’t been around much with all the crazy work hours, but I’m trying to make up for it!

    lots of love,
    long lost Dana

  10. Yeah, Cordy will be pissed that we’re probably getting her a big brown and white cow costume for Halloween this year. She’ll be covered from head to toe, and will probably hate us for being so “old-fashioned” as to dress a 2 year old as a barnyard animal, instead of dressing her as the “Sexy Kitten”. (I swear I saw that at a costume store for a toddler.)

    And had she the vocabulary to express all of that, here’s what I would tell her: We’re the parents, and you’re still a baby, and so you’ll still dress like one.

    Dressing little girls in slutty outfits is practically child abuse to me.

  11. Your post at Huffington was hilarious! Since all the slutty designs are already taken, maybe Pamela Anderson will design a line of modest, age-appropriate t-shirts with slogans like “Future President” on them. One can wish.

  12. /sigh it is so sad how this world pushes our kids to grow up every chance they get. I have 4 teens and 1 daughter and I will tell you that it is so hard. She is 14 and a really good student and she is surrounded by girls with “boyfriends” I mean 13 year olds whose parent let them “hang out” with these boys. Not talking going steady. SO anyway my daughter is all upset thinking that she is ugly because no one “wants” to go out with her. It was difficult but I explained to her that she is beautiful and that those boys dont look at her right now because she is more “marriage” material. She isnt wearring half shirts an flaunting her “goods” around!!

    Leave it to the commercial industries to make things even harder for those of us with values and morals!!

  13. This year my youngest shall be BABY ELVIS! Obscene would be if I included a toilet…

  14. I just read about the bra stuff on another blog and linked to it. And, I promise, my 2 year old is going to be Strawberry Shortcake, and I will not make her slutty, less I can find some low rider diapers. LOL

  15. By the way, if padded bras for 6-year-olds piss you off, you should read “Born to Buy” by Juliet B. Schor and “Can’t Buy My Love” by Jean Kilbourne. It’s enough to make you puke. Maybe you should start organizing mother-and-kid protests at advertising trade shows where they sell their tactics of how to infect children.

  16. Who can I complain to about these things? I remember reading your post and wanting to complain to somebody LOL. I wrote the assholes who make the Bratz dolls. They never wrote me back. I guess it offended them when I called their dolls sluts?

  17. But if the pasties go OVER the chicken costume, it’s okay, right?

    (Faboo post at HP, girl. Like Mom-101 said – it inspired laughter and tremendous anxiety!)

  18. i thought about blogging it, but changed my mind.

    my son will be going as a pumpkin for halloween this year. its gonna be so cute!!

  19. I came across your blog page on blogexplosion and had to read the blog about the child-bras. After reading the article that you linked to I am embarassed to be an aussie since that is where the story ran and it is our stores that are selling these traveties.
    I have many friends with 6 year od girls and I have a 6 year old son but rest assured that if any of my friends bought a paddedbra for their 6 year old daughter I would disown them.
    As for halloween well we dont do it here or my kid would probably be lightening mcqueen
    Thank you for your insight and opionions though I am glad to know I am not the only person I know who thinks like this

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