Love Thursday-The Men

Love Thursday

I love that he naps on the couch and his daughter gives him Elmo, because she loves her Daddy that much.

What husbands do...

I love that despite his inability to stand up, he’s trying to skate. He only knows it makes Mommy “so very happy.” He falls and cries, but tries again…because, “Mommy, you like when I skate.”

Check me out, Mom


  1. Absolutely adorable. Is that a cat?

  2. That is really precious. Elmo’s like royalty around here; I’m not sure the girls would give him up, even for daddy. Hehe!

  3. What an adorable family….

  4. aw thats cute.

  5. So sweet. I can’t believe Princess gave her daddy that almighty Elmo. I mean, she humps him!

    The Count is looking to cute. I can’t believe he’s learning to skate!

  6. I just had to say THANK YOU for a great article in Huffington Post about pimping out our daughters!!! I had to put a link in my site to it; it was fantastic!!!

    I’ll be checking you out more!!

  7. I love your men too. You are a very very lucky Queen.

  8. The Count is too adorable. It brings me to tears. Where o where did that handsome young man get his good looks? -wink-

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