It’s the World Series of Elections

I’m at the Huffington Post today. Don’t be scared. Go read me.

Go Tigers.


  1. Done deal…

  2. Wow, the candidates do phone solicitation down there? I would be livid! They don’t do that here – it’s all about whoever has the most signs, wins.

  3. On it.

  4. Happy Friday! You’re today’s Fabulous Female!

  5. I’m too lazy to register to comment over there right now, so I’m doing it here! I totally agree with what you had to say. I’m so sick of the ads, the flyers, and mostly the mud-slinging. I’ve already decided who I’m going to vote for. They’re dumb ass statistics that they shove down my throat are not going to sway me!

  6. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, i decided.

    but i didn’t mention anything about brad pitt. nothing like “you just love them two timers” or anything. i didn’t want to take it too far – though i so could have.

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