Delta. Don’t Suckle Your Spawn in Our Skies.

Erin is in WEST VIRGINIA with very, very limited internet access, but she really wanted to give everyone an update on her Delta trip, so I, Karen, have hijacked her blog in order to share this important post with you. Erin is stuck in “ahem” inlaw land with rural snail mail as her only ways of communicating with the outside world. Ha ha, sucker. Look at my high-speediness as I overtake your empire!

Okay, I’ll shutup now.

Without further ado, here are Erin’s words:

I nursed Princess Peanut everywhere but in the plane’s toliet and no one so much as even raised an eyebrow at me. She even nursed while doing her famous UPSIDE down move:

However, I’m sad to inform everyone that I did get this from a Delta representative in my email box today, it reads, in part:

“Delta fully supports a mother’s decision to breastfeed . We even provide rooms in our workplaces for our employees who are nursing mothers to pump and store breast milk . We just ask that mothers use their own discretion as they would in any other public place. “

What the fuck does “use their own discretion” mean? Are they saying the mother on the Vermont flight did not use discretion? What, exactly, constitutes discretion when feeding a baby at 220000 feet? Am I allowed to show the top part of my tit? The side only? The bottom half?

And the blanket. On our flight from Atlanta to WV our flight attendant TOLD US to put our blankets on our seats for the next passenger on the next flight. YOU WANT ME TO COVER MY CHILD WITH THAT??? has a petition going. Get your asses over there.

Hi. Karen here again. So I’m hearing this right? They want you to shield your extremely offensive, milk-producing, child-sustaining, Scooby Snacks, with an ASS BLANKET that has been touched by HOW MANY PEOPLE without being washed? AND cover your child’s FACE with it so she can inhale all the germs from the last 40 passengers and their asses?

Not once did anyone question me about breastfeeding my kids. I waited for it. I armed myself with plenty of retort, but it never happened. I can turn my television on or fire up The Google and find millions of tits, but God (or Delta) forbid anyone try and do what’s natural.

My new slogan for Delta would be: “Delta. Don’t Suckle Your Spawn in Our Skies.”

What’s YOUR new slogan for Delta?”


  1. Delta: Only Subliminal Suckling Allowed.

  2. Delta: We’re a Bunch of Boobs.

  3. Maybe the airline should use its “own discretion” and mind its own business. The Vermont law says nothing about discretion. It simply says that breastfeeding does not constitute indecent exposure.

  4. Delta doesn’t deserve a slogan. They should be banished from flying. The issues they have with breastfeeding continue to happen all over the world because of companies and executives like this.

  5. I haven’t got any slogan ideas, but you know, I keep thinking about this over and over again, and although I know that ANY breastfeeding makes some people uncomfortable (and think about it, it was probably ONE person who was bothered on that flight where they kicked the family off – and it was probably the flight attendant who kicked them off), I’ll just bet that that family was mistreated more due to the age of the breastfeeding child than the fact of the breastfeeding. I could be wrong, but I know from experience that it makes a lot of people who are pro-breastfeeding for babies under 1 year uncomfortable to see toddlers nursing. Sheez.

  6. I just ranted over at MU about this, and have a post brewing, if I can calm down enough to think straight. The thing that chaps my ass is this whole pussy-footing around discretion. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? And – WHO THE FUCK CARES? Since when do the Oedipal complexes and boob issues of the misogynist pussies in our midst trump the right of the child to care and nurture?

    I don’t care if she had her whole fucking top off. These fucktards need to get the fuck over their titty complexes NOW.

  7. OMG, you are kidding me, right? Don’t they have more important things to worry about, like safety and security and not losing the f***ing luggage!! I too was alwasy prepared to defend myself while nursing in public, but only had to use the direct stare technique a handful of times. I nursed everywhere, and I mean everywhere, the most challenging was with my 3rd trying to keep the other 2 occupied and happy while trying to stay covered…. quite the contortionist I turned out to be. Bravo for you, how could these companies continue to make being a mother so hard?!

  8. Delta Dickwads Dinky Drawers. Something like that.

  9. tell the queen that on the return flight she must sit there with her boobie out. just out, ready for princess whenever she may need it. that’s discretionary.

    and ps. my almost 23 month old breast feeder will also have nothing to do with a blanket either, be it an ass blanket or otherwise. xo.

  10. Delta – Don’t Even Like Tits Anyway. DELTA

  11. Delta: fly the mysogenistic skies.

    This infuriates me. Breasts aren’t for entertainment they’re for feeding children – I hope that poor woman rakes in the dough and sues their asses off.

  12. I am EXACTLY like Karen on this one! For the entire 30 months that Isabella deigned to nurse, I was positively SPOILING for a confrontation that never came. Not at football games, standing in lines, at shopping malls, at church…NOTHING. Not so much as a sideways glance. The WORST I got, whenever anyone clued in to what was going on, was an indulgent smile, as if to say, “Awwww. Isn’t that sweet.”


  13. I know this is a serious issue, but it reminded me of the hilarious skit on Mad TV where the hippy couple asks another mother if their child could borrow a breast.

    I think Belinda’s comment is probably the norm these days. I can’t imagine that most people would be offended by such a thing. And those that are? I don’t really care what that kind of person thinks anyway.

  14. Delta: Allowing the Dirty-Minded an Outlet for Self-Righteousness at 30,000 feet.


  15. I was adopted and came out fine being nursed with a bottle. Keep your TITS where they belong you porn cunts-no one wants to see anyone-your child or your husband sucking your nasty saggy tits-FUCK YOU

  16. Delta is a good airline-keep those of us that don’t want to see you feeding your shit ass kids off the PLANE

  17. I hope the woman won’t sue Delta! It’s not their fault! If she sues she’s a money hungry person

  18. Go Suck This Delta, HOSTILE TAKE OVER! (United is buying them out)

  19. Ah, Delta. I guess we hardly knew ya. Besides, nice flight to pick on: a flying garbage can for about an hour. Brilliant. They couldn’t have picked a transcontinental flight.


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