Did you hear about the big APOLOGY?

I think it’s safe to say over 20-thousand signatures, hundreds of nurse-ins across the nation, and countless emails and phone calls made Delta and Freedom Airlines pee their pants.

From Emails and calls from MomsRising members, as well as regular updates about the high number of petition signatures, pushed both Delta and Freedom Airlines to issue statements underscoring their commitment to allowing women to breastfeed onboard planes. Freedom Air also noted that the incident would serve as a training opportunity for all employees.

As for my flight home, I thought the 4 Delta flight attendants next to me, in front of me, behind me and walking by me went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. HRH Princess Peanut nursed more than 5 times and even pulled my shirt up to show the attendants just what she was up too under there. No one batted an eyelash, except maybe the entire men’s soccer team behind us. And I think most of them were more concerned that Count Waffles entire orange juice landed on their flip flops. How a 3-year-old spills an entire airplane cup of juice into his seat, yet manages to NOT get himself wet is beyond me…but there is a very nice soccer team (who made it to the finals, I understand) with citrus smelling shoes in Los Angeles. Thanks boys.


  1. Rule #1: Don’t make momma mad.

    Glad you had a good trip.

  2. hooray for nursing mommas everywhere! I’ll drink to this! I was too chicken to ask for a cocktail and nurse on the plane this last trip-maybe it was because I was flying with two kids and NO HELP.

  3. I read all about the apology and laughed. They sure tried to make nice after the fact.

    BTW, what does HRH stand for? I can’t figure it out!

  4. Also, I caught a post in my feed burner, but can’t find it here.

    Since I’m also recently jobless…I will keep y’all in my thoughts. Whatever happened, it will pass. Much love from all of us, to all of you! -hugs-


  5. Hmm. I left a comment last night but it didn’t take. So – I was saying, HRH = Her Royal Highness, and YAY that Delta and Freedom airlines are on their toes, and boy was that a big screwup because they’re never ever going to hear the end of it. And I’m really glad to hear that they went out of their way to accomodate your comfort, etc. on the plane while you were nursing.

  6. I thought of you every news blob I saw about the breast feeding / Delta deal.

  7. Now Delta’s filed an extension on producing a real apology, so it’s not over yet. I think their legal department is afraid of a civil suit in the wings – as well they should be! We need to keep this in the media’s eye – so eventually men will be forced to admit that breasts have a right to exist when they’re not turning them on or being used to sell a hollywood movie. Keep up the good lactation!

  8. OH Duh! Her Royal Highness! Man, I’m a ditz.

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