Let me clear my throat…

Once again I’ve written a piece over at the Huffington Post, and once again many readers are taking it completely the WRONG WAY.

Because I have spent time wondering what Barack Obama’s wife might be thinking, I’m being accused of being “creepy,” a “white bitch,” and my personal favorite “tacky.”

The point of my post was to tell Michelle Obama that whatever their family decides to do, there are many of us out there that will support their decision.

Just to be clear, YES, I want Barack Obama to run for President. Yes, I think the first woman president (Hillary) or African American president or ANY president could be the target of hate groups. YES, I think a black man or woman would be at an even bigger risk. If you think there are not nut jobs in this country, you are living in a fantasy world. And if you think a woman or the first black president wouldn’t be a prime target, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND.

I’m sorry, but how can the Obama (or Clinton) family NOT weigh that as they decide?

YES, I do think it would change the world if Obama ran and won. Simply because he would be a FIRST. Just like Hillary could be a FIRST. That changes my world. That changes HISTORY.

Go ahead and stick your head back in the sand if you think racism and sexism are things of the past. And believe you me, that elephant was not brought in the room by me, it’s been there since the beginning of time. I’m just putting it in the open because ignoring it is retarded.

And for the record, I hope I would be brave enough to change the world if given the opportunity, what I’m saying is I wouldn’t begrudge the Obama family if they decide not too.

Do I think a woman or African American President would die if elected? Dear God, I hope not. I hope we’ve come far enough that it would never happen. But we’re all stupid if we didn’t acknowledge it’s a very real possibility.

Whew. I feel better now. Thanks for hearing me out. I was just losing my mind with some of the comments over there. My letter to Michelle Obama was meant to show her that as a mom, I understand. And that she has my support. Not to be creepy or tacky or evil or overly worried about a family I don’t personally know.  I worry about many things. And this is one I just chose to write about because, again, as a mother I can’t imagine what she’s thinking.

It takes special people to change history. I hope they are these people, but it’s a heavy burden. One I’m not sure I could carry. Could you???


  1. I continue to be amazed at how you have the ability to express yourself so well. I wish I had that skill. As for me? I wouldn’t be able to take on the responsibility… I have an ulcer just trying to get through a regular non-political life. I can’t imagine the toll a decision like this must make on one’s nerves!

  2. I have always wondered why ANYONE would ever want to put their family in the sort of danger that comes with being the President. Blah blah blah serve your country, kiss my ass I am not that unselfish.
    I would be very interested to see what turns the world would take if Obama were elected, indeed I will probably vote for him if he is an option (not that it will matter as I live in FLA and the Bushes own this state). I think it’s interesting that people don’t comprehend the danger that goes with just RUNNING for office.
    If you choose to put yourself in the position of just RUNNING for office, you put yourself in the position of being a mark for whack jobs.
    Just ask Bobby Kennedy’s wife.

  3. That’s something that I’ve wondered about. I, too, think it would be GREAT if either of these people were elected. This country needs change, but I can’t help but worry that they would be the target of vicious attacks simply because of race or gender.

    It’s a sad fact, but our country/world is still very much racist and sexist. Anyone who can’t see that is terribly naive.

  4. The interesting thing to me is I heard this same subject broached on a radio call in talk show. The white callers were all saying they would love it if Obama ran. The black callers mostly said they would be afraid for his life.

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    Maybe I just don’t have enough faith in mankind. Maybe I’m just too jaded. But I really think a woman president or african american president would have a bounty on his head. I know that’s horrible, but jeeez…this isn’t news. Why am I being treated like I invented this? History has shown us that the American people are not kind to the “firsts” of ANYTHING.

    We freak out at anything new. And we certainly are NOT as openminded as those who have already elected women leaders. My God, I lived in Ireland when abortion and divorce were illegal yet a WOMAN was running the country. What the hell does that say about Americans?

    I could go on and on and on and on. And normally the wackos over at HuffPo don’t phases me, as they are usually right wing nut jobs. But Sweet JEEEEEEBUS they are just not understanding what I’m saying here.

    I must put down my martini and stop typing now.

  6. In my opinion, we still live in a world where if you speak your mind you are belittled for your thoughts and views. I personally would love to see a change in the White House. I would love to see a woman in office, just to see if things that needed to be addressed here at home would be taken care of. Just my opinion. But as you stated, if it’s out of the norm, people will show all kinds of hatred and violence towards this person. I also think you shouldn’t have to explain yourself, you are entitled to your own views.

  7. I’ve seen a Klan march.
    Trust me, I know it’s still here.

  8. It would change America..not the world.
    We have already had women leaders

  9. I thought “white bitch” accurately describes you. Afterall, you are white and since you are intelligent, outspoken, and articulate, you are clearly a bitch. So what’s your problem? I’d be honored if someone called me that under these circumstances. Chuckle.

  10. Well I didn’t get a chance to read the original post over at Huffington Post, but I get what you’re saying here. Racism and sexism are still a large part of our culture. That’s life. It sucks, but it’s true. I think you have a very valid point that they would be risking a lot by going into office. I think it would be a refreshing change to see Obama in office, but it’s scary to think of what could happen just because of his skin color!

  11. I disagree with the people who commented on that post saying it was “creepy”, and that you shouldn’t waste time thinking about Michelle Obama. Regardless of race, the President and his family are always targets, but I agree with you that while it should not even be a factor, should Mr. Obama be elected, there will be an even greater risk.

    Besides, the whole point of writing an opinion piece is that it is just that, your OPINION. And yet there are always negative people who feel the need to tell you your opinion is wrong. If our next President has small children in the White House, I as a Mom will worry about them, too.

  12. I realize you probably meant good and were trying to show your political support for Obama, but I saw your “letter” to Mrs. Obama as pontificating and condescending like she needed to be reminded she should be looking out for her children and to be wary of the sacrifices made when one is in politics. Did you really need to use the word “assassination” or put fear in her heart about possible deaths in her family? I think she knows what to expect, as she lives and sees what it is like to be Mrs. Barak Obama every day.

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