I was so proud of myself for going to the gym today that I came home and ate the rest of the Christmas fudge.


I also worked really hard to keep the kids from watching tv today. They played most of the morning in our playroom, quietly. I just assumed they were fine without Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Cars, and Doodlebops because of the mound of presents Santa left. Turns out they spent the morning hiding behind the Christmas tree sneaking candy canes, M&Ms, and swedish fish.


I happily sang to myself earlier while putting dinner in the crockpot. Not only had I remembered to take the chicken out of the freezer the night before, but I was thrilled to have remembered to get the slow cooker going at 9am. It’s now after 3pm and I just noticed the crockpot was never plugged in.


I’d go take bath or have a drink or something, but my daughter has fallen asleep (3 hours later than she should) on my chest and won’t be moved.



  1. I am currently trying to ingest all of my chocolates and sweets so as to not have them around when I go BACK on WW after the 1st……

    So I say, EAT THAT FUDGE.

    (I’ve had that day, doesn’t that day just SUCK?)

  2. Yeah, I ate the rest of the cookies yesterday. At least they are gone now.

  3. I’m with the rest. I ate the fudge yesterday, and today I’m on the computer procrastinating and pretending that the eliptical machine isn’t right behind me calling. And the fudge is still not gone.


  4. The crockpot thing would totally piss me off. I just can’t handle shit like that!

  5. Dammit girl!

    Bad day!

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