Good Morning, Wait-there is an EAST Coast?

As my dear friend Kelly put it, “Girl, you are causing quite a stir…” My umbrella is up and ready for the screaming idiots…

Who knew they even had newspapers on that other side of the country?

I kid. I kid. I know that odd state is actually “mid”west. I mean, if you can’t be part of the real west, where I am, you might as well be part of the “mid”west.

I’m actually a little sad. I wanted those nice Chicago Sun-Times people to put my photo next to Robert Novak’s. I had specially trained my photo to stick it’s foot up his photo’s ass. Oh well, next time maybe.


  1. Don’t make me quote Kanye. Are you gonna make me quote him? Damn.

    You know what the MIDWEST is? Young and restless. Where restless Niggaz might snatch yo’ necklace. And next these Niggaz might jack yo’ Lexus.

    I loves me some Kanye. Straight outta the Midwest, bitches.

  2. Queen of Spain says:


    …ok,. but raised in the burbs.

    Still, I am allowed to slam my midwest home. I am. Really.

    Busting Kanye out on me. That hurts.

  3. Ah the heartland.
    You better watch out, these good people of the midwest might not make you a green bean casserole next time you are in town if you aren’t careful.

    They’ll probably stake you out at BLOGHER.

    Oh hell, you’ll probably have secret service up your ass at BLOGHER.

    Note to the secret service, I do NOT know know this woman.
    If you get hassled by the men in black, I’m completely taking pictures and then blogging about it.

  4. Wow. You’re famooooose!

  5. Strong statements,well said. Those who object or feel threatened must have missed the ending: “Whatever you decide, the Moms, if no one else, will understand and have your back.”

  6. Screw you.


  7. Midwest is only “west” to people on the East Coast.

  8. Did I ever mentio how much I agree with tha tpost, when obama really hit the scene it was the first thing i said to my husband if he runs – I don’t think he will walk his daughters down the isle. i really don’ think enough of america is ready enough – enough is ready that he would win, but not enough that he would live through his term.

    i hate that this was my first thought and he is the first politician I have honestly and truly prayed for in my adult life.

  9. Did I miss something?

    I thought it was a fine article.

    Wisconsin here.

  10. Please explain to me why that column caused you to be called a racist and other nasty stuff? I don’t get it. It’s an extremely heart-felt, deeply reflective piece. That is awesome that you’ve been printed on paper with the same words now too! YEAH!

  11. Kelly, don’t make me break out the James Taylor (“Straight outta Carrboro…”) 😉

    May the force be with you QofS. Could be worse honey, you could be a Southerner…that just brings a whole lot more baggage to the conversation.

  12. Rock it. As always, I am super jealous of your popularity and overall awesomeness.

  13. You’re famous! I want to be famous, too….but I don’t know how….;)

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