Wild Weather in Los Angeles

Dear God,

You are scaring me. Please Stop. Thanks. QofS

First they blow up my city on 24. Now we have hail and snow.


  1. Woah. That’s freaky.

  2. Suck it up, buttercup. Did you see my Flickr ICE pictures? No? Well here you go: http://www.flickr.com/photos/karenrani/

    Don’t be such a pussy. 😉

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Crazy Canadians and your tolerance for cold things. There are PALM TREES in my yard. PALM TREES I SAY!!!

  4. Coming from Canada, I can say to you: HA HA! SUCKA

  5. I know what you mean, QofS. Here in OZ it is summer = HOT. But nooooo, there was snow on them thar hills in our southern states a few weeks back.

    Scary indeedy.

  6. Wow. Snow, in LA. That’s pretty rare I imagine. Just be glad you didn’t have to chisel open the doors to your van this morning, like I did 🙂

  7. SWEET!
    Apocalypse can’t be far off.
    I’m stealing all those cars of the raptured.

  8. Um, yeah…

    They shut down the FREEWAY in Portland yesterday, unless you had chains.

    It’s an odd winter..

  9. When I was in my sophmore year of high school it snowed in the VALLEY. More than an inch, too. The ground was totally covered. It was right before Xmas vacation and my family was packing to drive to British Colombia, where we vacationed at a posh resort, obstensivly to be close to the snow. We left and drove up 101 and they required that we put chains on the car going over the pass by Ojai. My father was LIVID. As a born and brought up Bostonian, he couldn’t believe he had to BUY chains and put them on for a few inches of snow.

    The last time I drove to LA, in I think 2000, it snowed so much that I5 was closed. So it does snow…rarely. It’s really freaky though when it is in your back yard.

  10. Would like some of our snow instead? 🙂 Wow! Such weather!

  11. I’m in the middle of an ice storm, but I am appropriately freaked by your snow.
    At least now I don’t think that episode of Buffy is as unbeleivable…

  12. Hail in LA? That’s just too freaky!

  13. Here’s the sad thing: I didn’t even notice the snow at first. I was like, what the fuck is so scary about that cute pink chair with the butterfly? After staring at the picture for a while, I clicked on the link. Then in the video, it hit me.

    Man, I am sloooooow sometimes.

  14. Dios mio I have missed SO much! Forgive my absence but it has been absolutely crazy here and well, not announced at my place yet and I don’t know when I will so the breaking news is for you hahahaaaa, the sale of the house fell through and we are back in square one and even though we are in deep shit, somehow I feel absolutely fine and happy and finally have some time to truly come over and sit and read up and well…

    Dios mio!

    When is your surgery???

    As for the weaning, I am at least glad you got to breastfeed your babies for so long and so beautifully my dear friend! My daughter, my first, got thrush and the idiot pediatrician she had never detected it and blamed me for being skinny and said she had lost weight because I didn’t produce enough milk and a crapload of such old wive’s tales… luckily I was educated and well informed and found a fabulous lactation center in SF the very next day where they comforted me and said that in no way was I at fault, that it was BS that I would have to chug down beer like that moron suggested and they put me on an SNS system thingy… Supplemental Nutrition System where you tie a bottle of formula around your neck and literally tape two teeny tubes that come out of the bottle to your nipples so that, as the baby heals from the thrush and the pain, she will suck and be comforted by the flow of the formula and by sucking you stimulate the milk and build it back up… we did it for two out of her first 3 months of life but it didn’t work and so I could no longer breastfeed as my milk had gone down too much…

    … and then my son was born with a reflex where he pushed everything out with his tongue and just could not suck. It took him a whole month to feed properly with a bottle.

    So the yearning for a baby at the tit is something I can definitely relate to and there are still times when the sight of a breastfeeding mother chokes me up although words cannot describe how very happy I am to see women opt to breastfeed while those that can and choose not to I want to just smack upside the head!

    So I applaud you on both the breastfeeding and the weaning and now, my friend, take care of you! Here’s to only good news, a fabulously smooth operation and do keep us posted on it all!

    Muchos besos always…


  15. That’s just plain wrong. Like the first time I saw snow on cactus in New Mexico.

  16. Damn….you have had more snow than us this year and we live near the Smoky Mountains….

    Dman….Gore was right.

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