The Virtual Thyroid Funeral

Laundry is done.  Bills are paid. Dinners are frozen. Loose ends are tied.

It’s time for me to check into UCLA Medical Center.

Please conduct a virtual wake for my thyroid in my absence.

If anyone wants to guest post for me, that would be super swell too. I’m also accepting gifts.
Email me at

In the event I die, I’d like you all to start claiming my things now. Who wants the pool boy?

Don’t forget me while I’m gone.


  1. Queen of Spain says:

    testing. testing. there have been reports of comment issues. hang in there people

  2. Testing

  3. Thinking of you. Hope that the surgery goes well and you’ll have some hilarious story to tell us about the anesthesiologist.
    You’ll be missed so don’t stay away too long!
    Oh yeah, I want the pool boy-even though I have no pool. LOL!

  4. Good Luck. I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly. I never knew your thyroid but I am sure it was great. Can’t wait to hear the hospital stories.

  5. Good luck, have fun (if at all possible) and write us posts all about it. We’ll miss you!

  6. good luck! look forward to hearing all about it on the flip side.

    don’t terrorize the nurses too much.

  7. Have a good surgery, and hope your recovery is quick and as painless as possible. I’m sure you’ll have good care.

    Forget the pool boy – can I have the pool? Wait, it’s 10 degrees here today…can I get that pool indoors?

  8. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  9. I had all hot men taking care of me while I was having my thyroid removed…my doctor, anesthesiologist, all male nurses. I was totally worried I would say something inappropriate while sedated. My anesthesiologist (who was way hotter than should be allowed) swears I didn’t say anything embarrassing, but I don’t know if I believe him or not.

    I’ll be thinking of you! Please ask if you need anything!

  10. I want the pool boy, but I’m going to need the pool too.

  11. HA. Sarah asked for the pool boy. That means Barack is up for grabs. Me! Me! Me!

    I’d guest post for you, but would I have to talk about my hoo-ha?

  12. I want the Pool Boy, and I have a pool 🙂

    I’ll be thinking of you this week when I get my own thyroid checked.

    HUGS to you!


  13. You’re gonna be fine, you’re gonna be in a great facility with an amazing doctor. Take the time you need to heal and keep us posted.

    I’ll be thinking about you, get well soon!

  14. Since there will be a little less of you, will you be the Quee of Spain. Or the Queen of Spai. I’ll settle for the Queen F Spain. Just asking. I hope all goes well.

  15. I’ll be thinking of you, sweetie. Please have the Kaiser update us when he can!

  16. Jeepers creepers hun, you take care of yourself.
    Or better yet, make sure your husband does the caring.

    And frankly, I probably won’t miss your thyroid as much as you will.

  17. all the best for your operation.

  18. Best of luck. You will do fine…Get well and blog soon!!!!

    Make sure the Kaiser updates us please!!!

  19. *fighting Sarah for the pool boy*

    Best of luck, sugarbutt.

  20. Throwing my hat in the ring to be the referee between Sarah and Karen for their fight for the pool boy.

  21. Due to personal insanity I did not make your cookies over the weekend, however they are in process and will be in the mail today, possibly tomorrow.
    Sorry – you know I’ve lost my mind, right?

    Anyway – they’ll be there soon, you might even be able to swallow when they get there!

  22. I don’t want the pool boy. He probably expects just as many BJs as the Kaiser and I’m just too tired for all that nonsense.
    Sarah can have him.

  23. Got a virtual lasagna for you RIGHT HERE. Mmmm…

    Take care of you.

  24. Oh goodness! Please be well, and I will pray/meditate/whatever it is that I do for you. -hugs-

    I’d guest post, but I’m lovin’ my new digs so much (besides I barely post at my own blog these days.)

    I’m sending good ju-ju your way!

  25. i wish you a successful divorce from your gland, a speedy recovery to perfect health, and i really want the pool-boy.

  26. I’m sneakin’ out with the pool boy while everyone else fights over him.

  27. Seriously, I hope the surgery went well and you are higher than a kite on pain meds.

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