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As many of you know I’ve been recovering from major surgery and am full of piss and vinegar (as my mother would say) over a million things, none of them important.

I’m irked no one can hear from the kitchen because my voice is so weak.

I’m irked there has been limited chocolate available to me.

I’m irked Brett Favre isn’t retiring.

I’m irked when anything, even my shirt, grazes my neck bandage.

But all of that changed and my mood went from hating the world to loving the world with the postman. Or lady. Or postal person. Who knew mail could change your life?
People I have never met have taken time out of their lives and baked me cookies.They were packed in a box that arrived split with the contents mushed. But Gidge made one hell of an effort to get the blue, churched shaped cookies to my door. Yummy broken melted cookie goodness.

They felt my chocolate pain and sent the most wonderful box of amazing chocolates ever assembled. EVER. (this was added tonight, as they just arrived! Those Ninja Poodles are so dead on when it comes to getting my taste right ;))
They’ve felt my screaming pain and sent me a whistle.Which is now shrieking it’s whistling goodness across the house. I am the Queen Referee and everyone is in the penalty box.

My friends love me

They’ve sought me out to talk about my missing thyroid, answered my insane questions about sleeping with an incision, and exercised patience as I’ve felt less than the writer I try to be.

Thank you. All of you. I love you guys. And that’s not just the pain killers talking.


  1. Oh dude, those totally melted on the way……..the icing was all pretty and smooth when it left here……dammit!

    Sorry they turned out crazy…….

  2. Awwww…bloggers are awesome.

    I hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Hey way to make the rest of us look bad!

  4. From a male blogger: Keep getting better.

    Mark Daniels

  5. Feel better soon!

  6. thanks for answering all my stupid questions.
    heal quickly.

  7. Stupid Second Life.
    I’m just wandering around confused.
    But I did make my avatar look better.

    I’m going to bed…..you must school me in this craziness.

  8. That’s great. Yay supporting each other!

  9. I completely understand your NEED for chocolate. I just had back surgery on Thursday and all I want is chocolate, more chocolate, oh, and the blueberry malt my hubby just brought home.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!! You are blessed to have such good friends!

  10. Hey, get well soon! I just surfed in through Blog Explosion, so I don’t know the story, but I do know that some of the kindest people on earth are bloggers we’ve never met. Amazing!

  11. I’d eat that cookie. Don’t forget Gidge is still singing rounds for you over at my place too. She’s super woman: bakes cookies, sings rounds, raises men, works full-time, masters Second Life.

    Keep healing. Surgery sucks.

  12. “I’m irked Brett Favre isn’t retiring.”

    Those are fighting words. I was gonna send you cookies, too, until THAT comment.

    We’re no longer talking.

    I promise I won’t be mad in a minute. 😉

  13. Geez, this is what happens when I get behind on my blogreading. Didn’t even know you were going under the knife. Glad it went well and I hope you’re feeling 100% in no time.

  14. well I agree with you, Brett Favre should retire. 🙂

  15. Are John and Kira’s the bomb or what? Chocolate + fresh herbs…who’d ‘a thunk it? Glad you like. Love you!

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