It’s been a long few days around here. The kids are sick, I’m still iffy…and Nana’s novelty on the children has worn off.

Reinforcements arrive in the form of my mother-in-law today, and I think it will be a welcome change. As the 4-year old has decided he will no longer listen to anyone or do anything anyone wants.

It’s making me a bit…well, low. I keep immersing myself in Second Life business and shutting out the world.

Not healthy, I know. But the incision hurts, the kids are sick and acting like beasts, and my mother is OVER helping everyone. She’s exhausted. Add to that a husband with a horrendous commute, and we’re just a barrel of laughs over here.

Did I mention I’m out of Vicodin?


Let’s look at cute pictures of the kids, because I need to remember they are not small monsters out to destroy my soul.

Almost 2
Almost 4


  1. You know it’s desperate when you are looking forward to the MIL!

    Hang in there, your majesty. We’ve got your back.

  2. Oh, I know how you feel. Just substitute incision pain with “pregnant and achy” and relatives coming and going with “relatives can’t make it here in the snow”, and it’s similar to my current situation.

    It’s like kids somehow know when you’re at your lowest point, and choose to take advantage of it. Oh sure, there’s the argument that they are feeling the negative effects, too, but I’m starting to think Cordy has it out for me.

  3. I like how they’re wearing hats — it covers their horns!

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I hope you’re feeling tons better soon!

  4. Your kids are adorable. Do you need more vicodin, or just want it? If you feel like you need it, call your doctor and get some more! I have an abundance of vicodin, because I don’t like taking pain medicine when I am actually in pain for some reason. I am “saving it” as I keep telling everyone. For when I have no idea, but it makes me feel good to have it just in case. Yes, I know that makes me sound a little insane. Hope you feel better very soon! Is everything going ok with the healing?

  5. I would come over to second life and hang out with you but real life is holding me fast.
    I’m so fucking tired.

    I’m sorry I had to bail out of your big business meeting the other day…..husband needed me!

    Love ya babe, see you over in the SL soon.

  6. canoe chick says:

    Dear dear queen,
    I feel your pain (well, not literally, as I have a big-ass bottle of codeine syrup some inane doctor prescribed for my 2 year old, which of course I did not give her, so I could hoard it for myself). I can’t tell you how comforting I find your honesty! I too am…a bit low. Fortunately only one kid and no MIL, but with all the snow my darling husbands 45 minute commute has turned into 2 hours each way… so not only does he get home late, but he is frustrated at his life wasting away in the car… at 38 weeks pregnant, I just want this baby to come already, so I can stop waiting and start living.
    I hope the MIL’s arrival helps, just know that I am sending good thoughts your way (I think the postal system/customs/DEA might have something to say about it if I send you codeine)… and the kids ARE adorable!

  7. You know, I have not “known” you for long, but I have to say every time I see pictures of your house I just really, really, really love you. It is filled with toys, books, cups, blankets and the mess that is a life. Your house does not look messy, it just looks like a life lives in it. So, thanks.

    Your royalty are very cute. I believe (as stated in an ancient blog entry…) that Cuteness is to children what spines are to a cactus. Only proctive and decortive. But sometimes I wish I was a gerbil and I could just eat them and start all over.


  8. You want I should mail you my leftover Percocet? Because I totally will.

  9. but they are monster; life-exhausting, devlishly sweet monsters.

    let me check my couch cusions, i might have some drugs left over from the c-section.

  10. I have always been convinced that God makes children so bloody cute so that we don’t strangle them. It’s the only thing keeping the human race alive.

  11. I don’t know….that picture of your son doesn’t say cute. He looks more like Trevor just before something mischievous happens around here. You can even see how your boy’s hand is positioned like it could quickly grab a cats tail or throw a jello cube at Nana;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. I hope things work out better, soon. Chaos has swallowed me alive as well.

  13. Aack, that sucks! I hope you feel better! Your kids ARE definitely cute, by the way!

    – Angel

  14. Call the dr. and get a new rx, poste haste. To deal with the kiddos and the m-i-l. Feel better soon!

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