A Day In The Life

I can’t ever seem to put into words what really goes on around here. The everyday, little things that make me shake my head, roll my eyes, and wonder why in the hell I ever, ever, ever had children. I could tell you they are nutty little creatures, but you wouldn’t really believe me.

So I shall SHOW you instead.

From telling my daughter today she was silly and her reply of “I don’t need all this,” to today’s impromptu naked DJ session in my living room, complete with a mix master and a naked cowgirl.

NYC has the Naked Cowboy- LA Has my Daughter


  1. ROFL. Oh..that’s just freaking adorable!!!

    PLEASE say you’re saving that for the ‘happy 16th birthday’ newspaper ad?!

  2. The animated version of this is pretty cool too. I love the boots.

  3. HOw freaking cute was that?? I love her boots!!

  4. My oldest was ALWAYS naked. Greeted visitors at the door, “HI! I’m nekeeeed!” Ate naked. Watched TV naked. Played naked. Almost marred herself on a regular basis naked.

    Yesterday my daughters and a neighbor decked out in cheap, little-girl-makeup, and were doing a catwalk in the front yard … er … wearing their swimsuits?!? At one point, I heard this awful squealing. They came running in, holding a very frightened and freaked out baby rabbit. After yelling and screaming at them to put the poor thing down and scrub their hands before they catch hydrophobia or something, they were outside running the neighborhood in the get-ups, chasing wild rabbits.

    Oh, and my son likes to put on his Darth Vader mask and stand on the sidewalk with his light saber “guarding” our house from the passing cars.

    I have to wonder what people think of me?!?

  5. Are you trying to say this is not normal behavior? This happens in my house all the time! My oldest daugher (9) freaks out about all the naked-ness, but the rest of my kids are free spirits who do what they please no matter what anyone thinks.

    I used to walk around my parents house naked all the time when I was little. I remember exactly when that stopped. I was around 8, and the doorbell rang. It was a friend of mine, and at that moment, I panicked about being naked, ran upstairs to throw on a shirt, and pretty much never walked around naked again.

    Your kids are awesome!

  6. Erin…I know your house is probably chaotic. I believe you. But I find it so fun and sweet that your kids feel comfortable and free to be themselves. I know a parent who refuses to let her kids do anything “not normal” which doesn’t leave very much and her kids are miserable.

    Funny photos. I think Dawson and I need to visit you and the Royal children. The Bug likes to take all his clothes off and run around screaming, “I da king! da King of the house, Mumma!”

  7. Oh dear Lord. I miss them already.

  8. I love it! I have Squeaks on video dancing around stark naked while playing the piano! Blackmail, baby.

  9. We’ve got to do something about the error at the top of the page. It’s making me batty. Maybe that’s by design, and if so, it’s working very well.

  10. Ummm are you sure you’re not spying on life at MY house again???? 😉

    Oh, right. We don’t have a pink guitar……but I can see now why we should. It could cover enough to make the photo web-postable!!!! ha ha ha.

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