I am finally in San Fransisco, and due to a massive FUCK UP by AMERICAN AIRLINES I MISSED MY REALLY IMPORTANT MEETING with these lovely women.

I don’t want to talk about it…yet. let’s just say I was DENIED BOARDING NOT for mechanical reasons and NOT for weather reasons…but because THEY FUCKED UP.
So I’m tired and drunk and in this hotel room so somebody had best call me or skype me (queenofspainblog) or IM me or SOMETHING. SITTING on my ASS in San FRAN mad and bored. NOTHING good can come of this.

I’m waiting.

And really pissed. So you can watch or talk to me LIVE and hear me RANT.  EMAIL me if you want my cell # or skype me or whatever. And so help me if you are within 100 miles of San Fran COME GET ME and take me somewhere fun. NOW.


  1. Sorry Erin. That sucks. I tried to download Skype and failed. I suck too.

  2. I added you and messaged on yahoo messenger but you are probably already doing something fun….or not! :o)

  3. What is SKYPE? I guess I’ll have to check it out.
    It’s too late to tell you to GO OUT INTO THE CITY and have some fun as it’s the next day.

    So I hope you have a better time the next few days that you are there.

  4. FUUUUUUCK being in Spain right now blows!!! If I were there….


  5. Have you seen that show on A & E called Airline? It’s a behind the scenes look at Southwest Airlines ticket counters. It’s entertaining but I notice they don’t show many customer/rep confrontations in which the airline was at fault. Coincidence?

    Anyway sorry you got stuck in SanFran:(

  6. I am SO sorry I didn’t see this when you were in need! I would have at least come and gotten drunk with you! Glad to hear it worked out though! I will be more diligent about reading, promise!

  7. Yes, AA blows.

  8. I was raped by American Airlines pilots out of O’hare. There is a forced prostitution ring out of O’hare and I was a victim. Gerard Arpey has been informed but has done nothing. He is a filthy pig and so are his pilots out of O’hare. I hope their wives no they are out raping other women when that are not at home.

    I hope American Airlines rots in Hell.

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