Dump the Sippy Cup, or the Terrorists Win

I have a 4-year old and a 2-year old and they both know to take off their shoes, put them in the tray, and push the tray through airport security.

How fucking sad is that?

I guess the way I will always remember life with computers and cable, my kids will always remember life with shoeless walks through a radar detector and the inability to have their sippy cups FULL until “mommy gets on the other side of all these police officers, honey.”

I realize it could be worse. I realize the small sacrifice I made, throwing out my coffee cup I had only taken ONE sip out of, helps the greater good (keep saying that…if I keep saying that it MIGHT be true) but when I hear stories about moms who were detained by police and missed their flights over a child’s spilled tap water…I tend to lose it, just a little.

The kids and I were lucky today. We flew across this entire “free” country without incident. We all know that never happens. Not in this day and age and not with two small children. But, here we are…on the east coast, with sippy cups intact. My son is recalling how he liked walking through the “puffer air blower” and my daughter has yet to put her shoes back ON from her dirty bomb/shoe check.

I don’t know where this country is headed. I can’t say I feel any more or less safe because I left our BIG tube of toothpaste and my daughter’s LARGE excema lotion at home because they didn’t fit in that plastic bag. Part of me thinks the smoke and mirrors I witnessed first hand just frighten my kids and piss me off. Part of me thinks this is just life in the USA.

What I do know, is I had angels, not terrors with me on our flight today-and for that I’m grateful.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on take off to Florida

ANGELS on the plane


  1. wifey615 says:

    Greetings from Wifey Cicero from 2nd Life. You probably don’t remember me, but I came to your “spot” and had a drink with you some time ago. Anyway, The Queen, she looks good!

    I agree with your sentiments about life in the good ‘ole USofA.

    I am jealous that you had an almost perfect flying experience -ya know, minus the shoe thing and all- with the Count and Princess…may your return flight be just as glorious!

  2. Kaitlyn would like to ask Hala where she got that cool Dora drawing thing in that bottom photo, because she LOVES her some Dora, which she calls “Mop”. It only took me four days to figure out that she was trying to say “Map”.

    I’m so glad to hear you had a safe flight with no incidents. I stil can’t believe Homeland Security thinks people might have liquid in a sippy cup that could be dangerous on a flight. Am I just not evil enough to think that way?

  3. my kids are way too “in the know” when it comes to flying. with two sets of parents in a different country…we are constantly flying back and forth. to the point where my 4-year-old is telling me what i can and can’t have in my carry-on!

  4. I’m afraid that they will be so busy confiscating sippy cups that they will miss the bad guys.

  5. Glad things went well. Your story could have ended like this poor mom…

  6. I love the Dora clipboard. Cute and handy.

  7. I need to know the secret to flying without the screaming and crying…from the kids, as well as the power happy TSA agents. Numb nuts.

  8. I have yet to fly with Dawson so I have never experienced any flight problems, but the sippy cup thing makes me mad. And yet I wonder if we’re just making things more difficult for ourselves.

    We’re damned if we over-protect and damned if we under-protect, in regards to airport security. Where’s the happy medium? Is there such a thing?

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