Just have them home by dinner

I just spent 20 minutes consoling a 2-year old who firmly believed she was going to the moon.


With her Gramps.

You see, my father just left for a doctor appointment and when asked by said 2-year old where he was going, he said “the moon.” Our little princess peanut then said “Gramps, I wanna go Moon TOO!” and gramps said “sure, we’ll go later.”

It’s later. I have a very loud, crying, totally upset child on my hands here. She wants that moon field trip delivered and delivered NOW. Later will not do, using our imaginations will not do, and I don’t have the heart to tell her we’re not actually going to the moon.

So yeah…when Gramps gets back he’s in trouble. Never joke with a 2-year old. Good thing we’re in Florida, maybe we can go see the shuttle land or something.


  1. canoe chick says:

    i had exactly the same issue once, with my 2 year old!! her grandfather said she could drive the car, he was kidding, she wasn’t, and many many minutes of tears followed her sad realization that she wasn’t actually going to be driving the car… it breaks the heart, doesn’t it. :{

  2. Uh oh! That age does take things very literally! Hope you find a way to work it out!

  3. *sigh* I wish my life were that simple.

    It’s so cute how they take everything so literally (yet so. damn. frustrating!)

  4. Oh goodness! I have no advice! She’s awfully cute, though!

  5. Yeah he’s going to have to do something to make it up to here. Do they have a kids musuem at the place where the shuttles land?

  6. Oooh Gramps in in trouble! I sometime forget that kids take everything to heart and I make the same mistakes. Open mouth, insert foot.

  7. Poor Peanut!

  8. Omigosh, poor thing. Sweet Pea went through that with TWO of her aunts when she was that age. They each told her, separately, at different times, that they wanted to take her home with them. “Okay!” She merrily chirped. Then she cried and cried when they left without her.

  9. Who do these grandparents think they are? No wonder we are all so screwed up…and now they want to help us raise OUR kids? ha ha ha:x

    Actually had a great dinner w/ my folks today but my kids were in Florida with the wife and her parents;)

  10. The crisis of literalism! It’s endearing, but we forget so often that what we say to our children they take so literally!

  11. Oy… been there so many times and my family knows better now… I feel for ya my sistah!

  12. hahah poor thing. I’ll prolly go thru the same thing sometime soon with my own little guy. xD

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