Jesus, Bills, and a Blood Moon

Typical conversation between Queen and Kaiser:

[14:19] JackandHalasMom: red moon tonight

[14:19] AaronatD2: does that mean you want a spanking?

[14:20] AaronatD2: is that code or something?

[14:20] JackandHalasMom:

[14:21] AaronatD2: You know, according to Jesus the moon will turn red when he comes back to defeat George…the Antichrist.

[14:21] JackandHalasMom: cool

[14:22] JackandHalasMom: let the apocalypse begin!

[14:22] JackandHalasMom: do you think, you know if the end starts, we’d still have to pay bills

[14:22] JackandHalasMom: or would it be a free for all?

[14:22] AaronatD2:  Yeah, we’ll just tell the power company we were raptured.

[14:23] JackandHalasMom: hard to live in a house and not pay the mortgage. I mean, we can CLAIM rapture..but we’d still be using it

[14:23] AaronatD2: right.

[14:24] JackandHalasMom: we have to hope for a major destruction of financial institution, ie the moneychangers

[14:24] AaronatD2: I think Jesus will take them out.

[14:24] AaronatD2: He’s done it before.

[14:24] AaronatD2: and he was only 12 then.

[14:24] AaronatD2: And hadn’t come to realize his full power.

[14:24] JackandHalasMom: lol,kinda like a death star unfinished kinda thing

[14:25] AaronatD2: exactly.

[14:25] JackandHalasMom: that’s fine. so long as I don’t have to pay any bills


  1. Dear Mrs. Queen,

    It is very urgent that I speak with you regarding your delinquent account. I have left messages on your voice mail, cell phone, via email, text message, smoke signals and even passed a note to you during third grade recess.

    Gimme D. Krabbs
    J.T.’s Stockroom

  2. I heart you guys.

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