PreSchool Fashion

It’s not that I mind if my children go upstairs in their PJ’s and come downstairs in some crazy outfit. If they want to go to school dressed in a tank top and parachute pants that’s fine by me…what is making me batty is the 25 minutes my son is spending picking out his clothes on a daily basis. The long sleeved shirt is too yellow. The pants are not fancy enough. The underwear need to have Lightening McQueen, NOT Mater.

It’s exhausting. He even CRIES if I try and tell him the yellow shirt with the stripes is just fine for school. Cries and insists it’s NOT RIGHT.

25 minutes. 25 minutes and he emerges…

The girl isn’t much better. Her inner fashionista usually involves how to incorporate ELMO into her outfit. If Elmo can’t be incorporated, then his stuffed version must be carried as an accessory. Its harder than you think to get Elmo involved daily.

Can’t I just lay out some clothes every day and be done with it? Does she really HAVE to have the pull-up with ONLY Cinderella and NOT the group of Princesses? Will it really mark a meltdown of Chernobyl proportions?

When did my kids get so picky?

This is that whole, asserting their unique little selves…isn’t it? This gets worse, doesn’t it?

Just wondering, because I’m trying to leave the house and they are fretting over wardrobe. Me? Sweats. T-shirt. So I don’t know where they get it. I swear. Really.



  1. You have to admit, though, they DO look pretty rocking. The Count in particular — dude KNOWS he’s stylin’.

  2. We dont really consider Chica dressed until has changed her clothes atleast 3 times by 10am. She has been doing it since she was 1 1/2 and now at almost 4 shows no stopping. She refuses to wear certain things that perfectly cute and insists on wearing a skirt, rainboots, and a wool sweater when it is summer and shorts, an undershirt and no shoes when it is snowing.

    Yes, it gets worse.

  3. OMG I nearly screamed from the adorable sight of Princess Peanut with a ponytail! CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! How the heck did you get her to keep it in? CW looks totally smokin’. And yeah – he KNOWS it. ha ha ha!

    They are so cute in the clothes they picked out. Sweet Pea has become uber picky too. She prefers clothes with kitties on them, of course, or things that are light blue. I will not buy her clothes without taking her with me because then I’ll have to take all of them back except one pair of socks. In fact, I *did* take her with me on Thursday to get some season-appropriate clothes and we still ended up with a shirt she doesn’t like. Of course, I picked it out, but in the store she said she liked it. Argh. And to think, I wore whatever my three older siblings handed down to me, and LIKED it. Gold corduroy bell bottoms eight years too late and all. Hell, I was still wearing my brother’s hand-me-down long underwear in college.

    Lately I have been desperately hoping that The Bug will either be less picky or adore her sister’s taste in clothes as she gets older, because I cannot imagine buying a second wardrobe for the second child.

  4. I think they have great taste for their ages!

  5. Ha ha ha, I’m so lucky!

    My youngest son’s favorite color is…..any shade of camouflage. I don’t know where he got that from since no one else in our family wears it. But it’s easier than grranimals to match!

  6. Hey! You made me a twitter friend 😉

    This post was so cute and funny — I found an easier way for you to incorporate Elmo into all of her outfits (without requiring the large-sized-Elmo commute as an accessory) — you can attach these to any outfit:

    OR this one:

    BTW, your son totally rocks that denim shirt! Sorry that I have no suggestions for preventing his meltdowns…**giggles**

    – V

  7. I love it that my kids are soooo laid back about their clothes. Pisses their dad off though. Which is fine by me. 🙂

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