Never Leave Them Alone

If you leave the toddler alone with her cereal, milk, and watercolor paint set…


  1. “Does she look like a stick?”

    “Um why do you say she looks like a stick?”

    “You know, a lollipop Mommy”

    Swear to God, exact conversation when my son saw this. My niece just said Oh noooooo really loud.

    I have crayons and paint under lock and key or else they think they’re interior designers.

  2. i love that a whole generation of children are learning that when something awful happens, the right thing to do is grab a camera. oh children of the blogosphere, what will your future be?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope she didn’t have purple cereal for breakfast – eww!

    I had a big laugh at Lara’s comment too. I often think the same thing… but it’s so priceless to have the pictures! How, oh how do we photograph them without them knowing? hee hee ha

  4. Too freaking adorable. My son, when left alone at three years old, found a bottle of baby powder. He took it into his room and discovered that when opened and thrust upwards into the air, the powder looked like fireworks as it came out….and a carpet full of snow as it came down. Look, Mommy, pretty! :o)

  5. Holy purple!

  6. Oh, she looks nice that way. Purple is pretty!

  7. OMG….she’s turning….


    Barney The Dinosaur!


    It Godwilla!

  8. “You’re turning violet, Violet!”

  9. Precious little thing!
    I do not agree. Do leave them alone!
    She’s gorgeous and purple suits her… beautifully!!!

  10. It’s a lovely purple, at least!

  11. I like her purple milk moustache! lol Kaitlyn’s new obsession is dry erase markers. She colored herself from head to toe last week. Took TWO soaks in the bathtub to get it all off!

  12. I won’t even leave my kid alone with a crayon! He’s too young though.

  13. Wow. That’s funny. I mean, not funny. jeez. 🙂

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