Viva Las Vegas

Andy and Krista and Jim are responsible for my packing tonight. I’m off to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo to tout and um…my boobs?  Nah. Just Photrade and some Queen of Spain and Queen’s Bedroom.

That means the inlaws flew in tonight and the kids are excited/freaking out that Mommy is leaving AGAIN.

I’m kinda freaking out too. Lots going on around here and those stresses tend to rub off on the kiddo’s more than I realized. 🙁

However, as the Kaiser says…”if you stayed home every time something was going on…you would NEVER leave.” And as much as it PAINS me to admit it…he’s right.

So I’m off to Las Vegas, Nevada and the sin that awaits. Or the blogging that awaits. One of the two, I’m guessing it will be blogging…I’m bringing my knitting, does that make me lame? or old?


  1. you should meet up with my mom and sister – they live in vegas. my mom’s lame and goes to bed around 9:30pm, but my sister’s pretty cool. she works at a restaurant – want a free meal? oh, wait, all your meals are probably already free. 😛

    forget i said anything…

  2. knitting definitely makes you neither old or lame….it’s TRENDY. (worse maybe?)

    I always find though that if my hands are busy knitting they’re less liable to flip someone off (or something worse.)

  3. I didn’t know you knit! What are you working on?

    My very best friend lives in Las Vegas, and I still haven’t been to visit her since she moved a few years ago. You may have inspired me to make a trip.

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