Young Lady!

I say that to my daughter. A lot. I’m not sure where it comes from, or why…but I find myself spewing things like “Now young lady, we don’t do that!” and “Young ladies do NOT hit.”

I could puke.

But then I see stories like this one out of Independence, MO and I about puke again:

“Dozens of girls fought — possibly about a boy — outside a mall on Wednesday, and the brawl ended with mall security officers using pepper spray and police using Taser guns, authorities said.

It happened outside an Applebees at Independence Center and involved about 20 to 30 teenage girls, police said.A mall security officer was injured trying to break up the fight. Police took four females into custody. Two of them were juveniles.”

Now before you go jumping on me about equality or any of that crap…let me explain where I’m going with this…

I expect more from a group of young women. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s certainly not PC, but as women actually gain things like the right to fight in combat and blah blah blah…I still expect they don’t act like …well…men.

We’re smarter. We’re better. Except, of course, for my son, who is just as smart and just as good…but the rest of you with a penis are inferior.

I’d like to think we women folk are more evolved. Maybe that’s why I’m harder on my daughter sometimes. I don’t mean to be, I just expect more from her. I expect more from women in general.

Which means I’d rather they not act like frat boys and brawl outside an Applebees.

I also don’t want them sitting around in skirts knitting their man a sweater.

I think I need to go re-enroll in some women’s lit courses or some post-feminism discussion groups. Clearly I have some issues here.


  1. This story blows my mind! I have a teenage niece in St. Louis. Rough crowd!

    I think you mean BALANCE would be nice. Strength/kindness, funny/serious, etc. All the 4 year old playdates I’ve been to lately ended with fist fights, though…. I hope we’ll be clear of this phase by the teen years, however!!

  2. 20 – 30 girls fighting over ONE guy? He must have put some of that Axe body spray on…and silly me thought those commercials were exaggerations.

  3. I’m with you on this one. There’s a fine line and I guess it could be called a double standard, but girls should still have a little femininity to them.

    And I’d like to see this guy that they were all fighting over. If he’s that great, I might have to go up there and join in!

  4. Women have always fought over men, but the tools traditionally have been gossip, name-calling and shunning rather than physical brawling.

    Now we have raised a generation of assertive, athletic women who aren’t afraid of their bodies or of getting what they want, and they start using those tools as men have done.

    Is that wrong? I would argue that the thing that is wrong is the neanderthal idea that we can get a good relationship by doing away with the competition, no matter what form the battle takes. We still seem to have a primordial part of the brain that thinks of a mate as prey to be dragged back to the cave and trapped.

  5. Thank you for bringing this stuff to our attention. I’m a 61 year old grandmother who is not a prude…FU is my favorite word…but thats just it…words…not stones, knives, guns and until we stop burying our heads in the dirt..and realize getting high, getting drunk or getting laid, seems to be our teenagers pass time..we’re in trouble…and fighting they think thats as usual as when we drank beer…

    What a mess.
    Thanks for the post..

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  6. Ah, when things get out of hand. I picture it happening something like this. Girl-1 and some of her friends see Girl-2 and some of her friends at the Applebees.

    Girl-1 “I heard Girl-2 was trying to get with Boy-1, she better not try cause he’s mine!” Other girls in her group back her up, because that’s what girlfriends do.

    I picture one overzealous girl shouting toward Girl-2 and her entourage something to the effect of “Hey, you (insert some namecalling) stay away from Boy-1 or we’ll kick your butt!”

    Girl-2 cannot just let this injustice stand, so she and her posse move toward Girl-1 and posse. She probably says something to the effect of, “Excuse me? WHAT did you call me?”

    Groups exchange barbs, someone probably accidentally bumps someone while getting in their face to yell…and the next thing you know pepper spray and tasers and cops everywhere.

    Sometimes things just get out of hand. It’s a herd mentality thing. I’m sure it wasn’t all West Side Story where the Jets were having a smoke and plotting the demise of…um…that other gang….what were they called?

  7. but the rest of you with a penis are inferior.

    Bad case of penis envy, dontcha think. 😉 POsts like this always make me laugh.

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